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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters Board Meeting Minutes

October 13, 2010 RMFC Board Meeting Minutes

After a two month hiatus to let the President recover from the last meeting and knee surgery, the RMF chapter turned the crank and slowly started up the old time phonograph that symbolizes the board meeting: no one is under 40 and we skip a few beats, but the band plays on… “It’s the same, old, song, with a different singer since you came along…”

Officially, the board meeting was called to order at 7:05pm with the President asking it to be duly noted in the minutes that, for the first time in several months, no long delays in beginning the meeting occurred, dully noted.

Present at the meeting in order of appearance: Phil Wright, Guy Turenne, Greg Evans, Cullin McEmsing, Bryon (aka: ByRon) Fessler, Dave Piske and Lee Evans. Absent with excuse was Dennis Cook. Parts unknown, Dave Cook.

President’s Report
In a seemingly random string of sentences that did not lend itself to structure for the purpose of organizing the minutes and/ or thoughts, the President reported the following. We have paid the senior center $400 through the end of the year for $80 per room counting the past due amount for a double room but not accounting for the double room paid for in advance for Nov, but later remembered during one of his restroom breaks. Our chapter has purchased accident insurance for volunteer activities that did not pay for a volunteer to have his hand butterfly sutured after a cut but before the insurance was purchased for which we would be, in the future, covered. This was through NTU for $110 per year. The President then made a personal accounting of monies owed to him from the chapter as well as to Greg Evans for his personal advance payment to TU for Ty Churchwell’s plane ticket ($120 splitting the cost with Ty) of which he, Lee, plans to recoup from the chapter. The secretary is not holding his breath.

Minutes Approval
Approved with copious previous corrections and one more at this meeting. Four Hundred and Fifty volunteer hours were accumulated in the youth camp activities, not 45 as reported.

Treasurer’s Report
Our Treasurer, Paul Wehr, was vacationing overseas after suddenly coming upon some extra cash, so his report was given, but not verified, by Lee Evans. As far as we know, we are solvent. The board also passed a purchase of an awning, only slightly bent to hell but repaired, from the estate of Lee Evans for TU use. The motion further stipulated that the awning will be used for TU events and loaned to board members for personal use if they agree to repair it should it be bent to hell in the future. A lengthy discussion on the merits of weighting the awning down ensued and Lee agreed to throw in his weight which should be enough to prevent future bending to you know where. But wait, there’s more!

Also in abstinence, Paul Wehr submitted to Lee a reckoning of sorts of monies spent by the chapter so far this year, and was called, for lack of better word, the budget by the board. Sight unseen, the board discussed the merits of a budget, what a budget should do, and their desire for a future budget. That being said, everyone was satisfied and no budget measures were suggested or passed, thus passing the previous mark of the word “budget” being in the minutes in the last 44 consecutive board meeting minutes without such a document actually ever existing in complete form. “It’s the same, old, song….”

Still more was said, making this the longest treasurer’s report in the absence of a treasurer yet recorded. The board decided by consensus to NOT make a giant check out to Brian Wolffe, the recipient of the endowed Behnke Scholarship this year, but to congratulate him publicly at the next meeting, and , God forbid, allow him to capture the podium for 15 minutes to several hours if he is on a roll. And, further to publish a historical record of our Behnke Scholarship efforts without actually ever mentioning we are done fundraising since the scholarship now is doing quite well without us, is the board’s wish. A couple of members also mentioned giving $500 per year to the Scholarship as a line item in the non-existent budget.

The final general consensus was that Paul should present a budget similar to his latest reckoning mentioned above, and that Lee would give Paul warning of the board’s wishes prior to the next meeting when Paul may casually glance at these minutes and sees his name next to this action item.

Membership Report
In an exemplary manner to be aspired to by other board members, Bryon submitted his report on paper and concisely summarized the report verbally. We had 767 members in Sept and 766 in October. New members are getting a personal welcome letter and follow up email. The postcard mailer went out to 299 members whom we do not have email for to warn of the upcoming meetings. And, we have 661 active email addresses of members currently, as per our constant contact management company. It was later suggested the postcard mailer go out 1-2 weeks earlier than it did this year for maximum impact. Of course what was not said was the speakers should be lined up 1-2 weeks earlier as well.

Youth Activities Report
Fish have hatched at the TIC program at Windsor High! Sharon Lance did nothing physically to hatch them and is reported to be not happy about it.

Old Business
Volunteer hours were gathered by most board members who participate in such things, and they got an extra cookie. Hours were discussed in terms of how to report to NTU and how the report on time means the chapter receives extra (metaphorical) cookies from National. Later, the cookies were raided by both our reporting members and the non-participants but not names were recorded to prevent chastisement or the dreaded “correction of the minutes.”

Long Draw Resevoir mitigation: CTU is officially filing an appeal to the USFS regarding the regional USFS record of decision on how to go about mitigation. Dave Nickum is receiving help from Dave Piske from our chapter. See newsletter for complete update of situation. Phil and Guy weighed in on the enormity of the mitigation effort should it finally tackle elimination of invasive species and reinstitution of cutthroats into the water shed. It appears likely that the $1Million the WSSC was charged to come up with and is appealing is not enough anyway for the project. Dave will forward this observation to Dave.

Raffle table rod purchase was discussed with members suggesting Elkhorn Rods and Stone Creek as possible alternative sources for next year’s rods. A suggestion to buy member’s used high quality rods for $80 was met with some skepticism of how these rods would be received by the membership and the question, why don’t members simply donate rods to the chapter? If they could get a donation form they might. No action was taken on rods; Cullen and Lee will talk to vendors.

The next Newsletter is ready for email publication. We discussed resetting the Newsletter alley for sustaining members, and Lee pledged one hundred dollars to start the new listings. Last year’s donating members will still be listed on the website under 2009-2010 sponsors.

The next speaker is Scott Lazarowicz. Lee has been in contact with Scott and Greg will provide a picture of Scott for the newsletter. The November meeting, including the GUEST NIGHT membership drive was discussed and the board canvassed for stuff to put on the table. Flyers were split up to deliver to various fly shops. Brochures will be on hand to sign up new members, and new members or inactive members signing up that night ( with money) will get five free raffle tickets for the rod raffle. The President was briefly absent for this discussion but informed the group he was over red beats.

The Christmas party was unilaterally renamed the Holiday Party over the suggestion for the End of Year Blow Out. It will be held Dec 9 from 6:30-9:30 pm at the CB Potts restaurant , Collindale Golf Course on Horsetooth. A motion was carried to spend not more than $800 on the room and heavy hors de voures with the assumption that membership attendance at $10 per person would defray costs significantly. Greg was charged with arranging the party. Lee will play host and he will decide on whether to include a modified white elephant gift exchange.

The upcoming Fly Tying Expo was discussed and the CRC committee was charged with its organization. We discussed whether the event should be on Saturday, the availability of the Senior Center, availability of tiers and vendors present, including a food vendor. It was noted Jim Lilly will not be coordinating efforts this year, and the board wishes him a continued recovery to full health.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 pm.

Submitted by Greg Evans, Secretary

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

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