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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters Board Meeting Minutes

August 18, 2010

The social hour preceding the call to order this month included a morbid tale of shocking the spots off brown trout, 952 the first day, 450 the second and 180 the 3rd day in a 0.6mile stretch of the Poudre River to relocate them to mile marker 105 (rumor that was later proved untrue by this author and his young son) and plant Hofer trout in their place as a large experiment on fish migration and an excuse for DOW workers to get outside for once. Rocky Mountain Flycasters (RMF) produced 18 volunteers for a total of 45 person hours (we tip our hats to Amy Galyardt) to help with the project, much to the praise of the DOW. The largest fish were in the 15-16 inch range, both of them.

The meeting was called to order at 7:20. Members around the table were: Lee Evans, Bryon Fessler, Ken Eis, Dave Piske, Greg Evans, Phil Wright, Paul Wehr, Bob Streeter, Dennis Cook and Cullen Emsing. Some drank a little and some had more than their share of the cookies.

Treasurer Report: The annual report to NTU was discussed as well as hours of volunteer activity and importance of hours for CTU monies and allocation from National. Grants may also review volunteer hours. Paul reprinted Lee’s volunteer hour sheet to remind board members to hand something in. After all members weighed in and then repeated what they said about the paucity of the log, Paul was asked to redo the log to reflect better the categories of hours we log, should we actually do so, and the President reiterated the need to keep track of hours, including Paul when he redoes the log, to do so.

Gen Fund: $7663.19, Projects fund: $2511.05, Paypal:$5.57, about $1600 will soon be sent to CSU for the Behnke Scholarship fund.

Membership Report: In his first report, Bryon reported June: 763 and August: 767 members with 138 expired members and 11 new memberships in the last month. Bryon categorized the members by NTU categories. We have 615 email recipients per Constant Contact but not all are members most likely. Discussion ensued as to how to target and contact new members as well as soon to expire members.

Youth Camp: Dennis Cook was roundly congratulated by the Board for successfully completing the camp. Gracious appreciation was also reported from volunteers, participants and parents alike at the camp’s culminating activities. Dennis is putting the finishing touches on a video that will be sent to sponsors to thank them and may be presented at the September meeting. Discussion followed on Board suggestions for how to tweak the camp for next year, and Dennis will form a committee to review the camp and plan for next year. The calendar of the next youth camp has been tentatively selected by Dennis and some discussion was had about attempting to publicize the camp in events this Fall.

Volunteer Activities:
  • Sept 11 - CDOW outdoor skills day, We will set up a booth and help with fishing activities
  • Sept 18 - Poudre River Clean up in conjunction with CTU. Lee is the point man and is planning on a picnic to follow the clean up at Picnic Rock, but not nec on a rock.
  • Sept 25 - Eagles Nest Trail Maintenance if enough people are signed up, and booth at the Boys and Girls Club activity at Harmony North Shopping area.
  • Two other events scheduled on Sept 25 for Save the Poudre and Big Thompson River Revival were declined due to lack of person power.

Speakers: The Board discussed the incomplete roster thus far and brainstormed names for speakers. Dennis Cook volunteered to call Landon Mayer, our first choice for the Nov meeting. The sending of a postcard to non newsletter recipients was discussed along with the Christmas party and general meeting location at the Senior Center to be arranged by Ken.

New Business: Website Discussion
A discussion was raised by Bryon that centered on whether or not the Board should go to a Content Management Company for website services. Currently, a volunteer, Paul Wehr, maintains the entire site free of any software costs or reliance on computer companies beyond the domain name registration.

Discussion ranged from critiquing the progressiveness of the website versus other TU sites, the timeliness of posts, and the communication between members regarding the site. It was also thought the site may be able to tie in with the newsletter, and that the site could be accessed by more contributing members for articles. Points were also made that the site is maintained out of one person’s passion, and calls for website contributions and attempts at increased web communications has been problematic.

A suggestion was made to form a committee to evaluate the site in terms of improvements that could be made and problems identified, then work for a solution to those problems rather than voting for a management company or not.

The President spoke and reminded the group of previous emails asking for website contributions got three responses from this group. He asked more questions about the nature of a management company versus original content we could/should generate.

Various members expressed their frustrations, comments on various aspects of the website and the nature of volunteers and using their strengths.

Motion was stated and seconded for the President to form a committee to evaluate the website and come up with possible solutions, limiting the committee to not more than 4 members. Discussion followed as to content of committee. No amendments made were adopted or passed. Question was moved and carried to end discussion. President restated motion and motion passed.

Motion was stated and seconded to thank Paul Wehr for his exhaustive past work on the development on the website and to end any future payment of any gratuities to the webmaster. Amended was accepted to accept no monies from Paul Wehr from past gratuities should he offer. Motion with amendment carried.

The president then calmed the natives with a tranquil lecture on the finer points of Robert’s Rules of Order that he has somehow retained from a lost, magical time when actual meetings were held for the betterment of all mankind. The table was cleaned of all traces of spittle and blood and the meeting was adjourned at 10:05 p.m.

Addendums attached by staple: Membership report, youth camp, treasurer, RMF member rebates

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

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