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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters June 9 Board Meeting Minutes
June 9, 2010

In attendance: Paul Wehr, Dave Piske, Phil Wright, Guy Turenne, Ken Eis, Greg Evans, Bryon Fessler, Lee Evans, Cullen Emsing

After a lengthy Greek lesson on agriculture, stolen sculpture history, red poppies and an extensive Q & A with an addendum of Parisian culture followed by yet more member anecdotes the meeting was finally called to order at 7:30 pm.

Lee Evans said appreciative comments to the Board in his absence, recap of Behnke Raffle with note that the Board reaffirms that it will not hold a raffle next year, but that did not rule out a donation to the endowed scholarship fund.

Minutes were extensively corrected and nit picked by an enthusiastic quorum including French spelling and phonetics. They were finally approved as corrected and will be posted to the website in the undetermined future, likely in their original form.

Treasurer report: General Fund $10,349.25 Projects/Raffle account $2806.55, $1280 designated to go to the Behnke Scholarship fund as proceeds from the special Raffle.
Ken will email account information to Paul so a check can be sent to the proper person at CSU. Paul presented a summary budget and expenditures for the year to date. He also was able to rectify a 9¢ discrepancy in the accounting of the previous treasurer. Finally he suggested and will pursue a log to inventory the Chapter’s property and all monies including a bag of money he found in the treasurer archive box.

Membership: 894 active, 20 new members, 54 renewals, 37 expired and 25 soon to expire. Ken Eis reported this count was the most it has been in his memory of the Chapter. Bryon had a further breakdown of membership types and has an active email of about 500+ of those members. Discussion was enjoyed of what constitutes valid emails, tests for such, how Constant Contact (a company the Board now employs to keep our email list current and comply with opt out requests) captures emails, and how NTU is hopeless in this regard. Finally, in an act of kind contrition, the Membership Chair was transferred from Ken Eis to Bryon Fessler. Thanks to Ken and congratulations to Bryon was the warm and fuzzy highlight of tonight’s meeting.

Youth Activities Report: Dennis was receiving training at CTU youth camp. In his absence, a remarkably brief report was given by Lee Evans since he didn’t know much. Volunteers are still needed, everyone but one Board member present is volunteering, and some discussion ensued as to the merits of lowering the age requirement for the Camp to recruit more students in the remaining few weeks.

Old Business: Constant Contact cost the Board $252, less than the Board had approved.

Instead of a simple opt out for email recipients, Phil suggested and Bryon and Paul will work on, a list of opt out categories to help members and non members better benefit from our emails.

Halligan Seaman: Dave Piske reported that by the end of this month a Final Report will be due on progress of a grant to the Colorado Water Conservation Board. The report outlines without endorsement four alternative scenarios to control water flows between dams to improve habitat in five defined reaches. The report seems to show that flows and habitat may actually be improved with construction of the project.

It is thought that the Army Corps of Engineers will extend this grant process through up to $200K in funds within the Crop to further study how historically opposing entities may work together to influence and construct a WORKING PLAN following project completion for flows and water usage/sharing. It is the goal of this funding for the Army Corps to reach a decision on project plans that would give all interested parties an expression out of court, that is to say avoid lawsuits. This process, endorsed by our Board in the form of letter of support signed by Dave Piske and Mr. Dave Nickum, may be the first of its kind in the country.

RMNP activities: On May 20, Board members met with Trig White of Alpine Anglers to recruit volunteers from the two chapters for RMNP efforts instead of statewide. Trig will, however, have an upcoming article in the prestigious journal High Mountain Angler this Fall. For a three week period in Sept/Oct volunteers will be need to do survey work in the Long Draw area that will eventually contribute to our mitigation efforts in that area. The goal is to form a core group of 10-15 volunteers. Information is posted on the website of the RMNP volunteer schedule.

Narrows Park: No further contact has been received from Larimer County on the Park. We plan to clean up the Park on June 26. After a breach in parliamentary procedure, a motion was carried for Lee Evans to rent a chipper and bushwhacker to facilitate the clean up. Lee will not travel to Estes Park to do so. Guy, related stories of chipper accidents in his former business, so we will not have to worry about Bryon messing with the chipper now. Of course, after the wallet incident, Cullen will not even be allowed near the chipper, but that goes without saying.

New Business:
Committee appointment: Cullen Emsing took the State’s Raffle qualifying test and passed. He is the new Raffle Director! He will be reimbursed the $20 fee by the Board. He will meet with John Fraser and Paul to coordinate the quarterly reporting to the state, and the Board heartily congratulated and thanked him for his efforts. At this point some members got up to drink more cheap, lukewarm beer provided by Lee Evans.

Calendar: In a daring move never before attempted by a standing president, Lee convened, with an actual, giant paper calendar, a discussion of Chapter year’s events. It was largely successful! Highlights as follows:
  • A postcard is planned to be mailed in August in addition to an email blast outlining speakers for the upcoming Fall Schedule to members.
  • A Christmas party (yes that was the term dared used) is planned tentatively for Dec at the CBPotts Colindale location, Greg to arrange.
  • An Expanded Expo is planned to January featuring tiers and other events as our major fundraiser for the year. The CRC committee will convene in Sept to plan it.
  • In Feb/March the annual appeal (for cash) will go out to members.
  • In October, the Board decided to get a top notch speaker (possibly paid) to cap off a month-long membership recruitment effort. This effort will be chaired by Bryon. He wants something special for the raffle table to entice members to bring their friends, although the logic of that escapes the Board.
  • Various exposure events will be placed on the calendar in hopes Board members may be able to man (again with the non pc language) a booth.

The Board adjourned at 9:50 pm, promptly after Lee revealed no homemade cookies were pending as in past meetings.

Submitted, June 14, 2010 Greg Evans

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

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