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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters Board Meeting Minutes

May 12, 2010

Call to Order approximately 7pm at home of Lee Evans

In attendance: Lee Evans, Ken Eis, Guy Turrene, Phil Wright, Greg Evans, Cullen Emsing, Bryon Fessler, Dennis Cook, Dave Piske, and Paul Wehr. Guest C J Cullins.

Before the agenda was turned over to our visiting guest, Lee Evans noted the gift of Paul Fromme. Paul, who won the rod at the last gen meeting, donated it back to the chapter. The chapter gratefully acknowledged Paul’s latest in a series of gracious acts in support of our chapter.

The floor was given to C. J. Cullins, Larimer County Coordinator in charge of parks. She encouraged us to visit the various parcels of land recently debated for sale in Larimer County. She also encouraged us to officially adopt the Narrows Park as a chapter. We would need to sign a letter of understanding, but would have no liability and obligate ourselves to picking up the park 2-3 times a year. Adopting the park would allow the county to put our commitment on paper for their own liability issues. She went on to say that some grant applications or other funding may be available for river habitat restoration/​improvement in the future but that would be a separate issue.

We indicated to Ms. Cullins our next clean up date at the Narrows Park was slated for June 26.

In closing Ms. Cullins expressed her willingness to coordinate educational effort with our chapter. Currently we are invited to the River Bluffs open space to gain exposure for our chapter, we may coordinate our Youth Camp efforts with a clean up of Glade Park, an ongoing project, and Lee will get in touch with contact Christie Fleming, the name given as a contact for in stream restorations.

Minutes from the last meeting were accepted with revisions including Paul Wehr’s attendance, the Youth Camp has a signed commitment for TIC, and membership report was added.

Treasurer’s report: 2350.77 Projects 10521.21 General with 5500 for Youth 1052 Behnke Raffle proceeds. Money was used from treasury for purchase of new deposit slips. Checks can now be made out to RMFC or TU as members desire. State annual report was filed.

Membership: 883 current, 19 new, 67 renewals, 19 expired. Chair interpreted report as we are growing.

Con. Res. Committee: Last email sent out generated four inquiries into our privacy policy which defaulted to CTU.

Privacy Policy for chapter document discussed. Motion to adopt document after one week of individual board email edits approved. Paul Wehr’s phone number which goes to his computer was used as a contact number for the document.

Donor acknowledgement letter template developed by Dave Piske discussed. Two templates were developed, in kind donations and cash donations. Some discussion to recognize donations as anonymous. Dennis is sending letters on behalf of chapter to Youth Camp donors for significant donations now. Suggestions were made to send two letters, one template and one personal to donors of over $500 + or adjusting form letter to reflect higher donations. No motion was put forth.

Youth Activities Report: $4500 in cash raised with $1000 more pending, more that original $3000 commitment made by board.

Phantom Canyon: Training and work dates cancelled due to high water/runoff. Current level at 400cfs, stay tuned for reschedules.

Eagles Nest: We are required to have 2 days of trail maintenance to meet adopt a trail minimums. Working on two dates, will like be in Fall.

Old Business:

Behnke raffle will conclude at May general meeting. Money raised and no more will be sent to CSU to be put into endowed fund bearing our name and Dr. Behnke’s. Money will be awarded to graduate recipient based on revenues of endowment. This ends our in-house goal of raising $2000 per year for the fund.

Motion was carried to spend $300-400 on securing an email list tracking agency for proper electronic newsletter blasts that will allow individuals to opt out or modify email received. It was felt a private company was needed for this effort as NTU cannot provide this service along with their email lists. Bryon Fessler will hire the company to do this.

Report was made on CTU Rendezvous in April that Lee and Dennis attended. Board approved reimbursement of $250 to each. Lots of neat stuff happened and Dennis made a good presentation. Go to tu.org, click science, click conservation success index, your world will change forever as you know it.

RMF Retreat is schedule for June 13th (editors note, this date was later cancelled since Lee was to be visiting his grandbaby in New Mexico then and completely spaced it.)

The Board officially wished Jackie Eis, longtime TU member, well with her operation to fuse three cervical disks in her spine. An injury likely the result of having to constantly remind Ken to “get off her back” while fishing…

Lee Evans will be absent for the most important meeting of the year next week, but will turn the proceedings over to the competent, albeit grumpy Greg Evans, who will likey be demoted to secretary from treasurer if all goes well. See you in June!

Submitted, June 8, 2010 Greg Evans

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

Last updated on 12 Apr, 2018