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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings


The meeting was held at the home of our President Lee Evans, who called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.

ATTENDEES: Byron Fessler, Dennis Cook, Dave Piske, Cullen Emsing, Lee Evans, Paul Fromme, Phil Wright

President’s comments: Thank you notes were sent to all of the fly tyers at the January meeting. Numerous favorable comments about the conduct and amenities of the Expo were received. Paid attendees were 104, and with the tyers, and about 30 youth, the total in the room was impressive.

Minutes: The minutes of the January meeting were approved with the changes suggested by Board members and previously recorded.

Treasurer’s report: After all Fly Tying Expo expenses, the Chapter’s accounts were augmented by $1158.00. Allocation of these funds to the General and Project accounts has not been completed. Fund balances will be reported after fund allocation.

Membership: We have 835 members. There were 7 new members. Memberships scheduled to expire this month are 22.

Youth Activities: Dennis Cook summarized youth activities and submitted the following summary of his presentation.


Trout In the Classroom

Fossil Ridge High School and Rocky Mountain High School have both declined TIC hosting at this time.

Windsor High School was contacted yesterday by phone and email and we are awaiting hopeful dialog.

EAS Grant from TU Award decision isn’t communicated until late March or early April.

NoCO Conservation & FF Day Camp

The Day Camp Application Announcement is prominently posted on the RMF website opening home page with a link to additional information and three forms: Application, Parental Consent, and Parental General Information.

A Day Camp storyboard, flyers and RMF brochures were exhibited at the Fly Tying Expo. Several youths and adults stopped to inquire.

$1500 has been donated by CMS Mechanical Services in Windsor, earmarked specifically for acquisition of Day Camp fly tying vises, tools and materials. Next week I will begin obtaining price quotes for discounted equipment & tools and discounted/donated materials.

Dave Piske has consented to chair the application review/acceptance committee, evaluating applicant backgrounds and essays with Lee Evans and Bryon Fessler.

Day Camp flyers were distributed on January 27th to all fly shops in Loveland and Fort Collins, and also to Sportsmen’s Warehouse and both JAX stores.

Next week flyers will be distributed to all NoCO high schools.

Next week also will begin fundraising and equipment donation emphasis primarily aimed at money for youth transportation, wading equipment and miscellaneous small equipment & supplies.

I’m working on about the 3rd schedule iteration, trying to optimize transportation requirements, but it appears we’ll need more than I’d hoped.

I plan to have an updated handout at next week’s meeting, as well as another signup sheet opportunity.

BSA Merit Badge Counselors

The fellow who volunteered at the September meeting [whose name/contact info I lost] still has not reappeared. I plan to again invite him to refresh my memory at next weeks meeting.

Old Business:

Meeting plans and schedule - Lee Evans discussed the plans and schedule for the February General Meeting. Activities will include: CTU presentation on Moffat Firming, possibly by Erica Stock, Grant Houx on runoff fishing, Phil Wright award presentation, and a Slide show. A sign up sheet for the Green River fishing trip will be available. Volunteers for a committee to consider and propose fundraising methods will be solicited.

The speaker at the March meeting is scheduled to be Mike Kaul, Wyoming Fly Fishers, Guide at Pinedale Ranch, etc.

The speaker at the April meeting will be a representative of Steamboat
Fly Fishers.

Golochak Mini-Grant Fund: The Chapter will seek a $1000 donation to support Youth Activities.

CTU Award: - A nominee from our Chapter for a CTU Award is being sought. Members who wish to nominate someone should step forward.

CTU Gala: RMF will sponsor a table at the Gala. A motion was made, seconded and passed that RMF will promote attendance by providing $25 per seat subsidy, with each attendee paying $50.

Budget: Lee Evans reviewed his summary of last year’s expenditures and proposed expenditures for this year. It was clear from this presentation that expenditures exceed income, and that would result in a yearend balance that is unacceptable. Fund raising will be required. A summary of income and proposed expenditures should be presented to the membership in order to solicit the support for Chapter activities that is required. Phil Wright will chair the formation of a Committee to determine how funds may be raised to balance the budget. Volunteers for this committee will be sought at the General Meetings.

New Business:

Phantom Canyon: Dave Piske is retiring as the leader of RMF Phantom Canyon activities in cooperation with the Nature Conservancy. Guy Turenne will accept this responsibility for the coming year. In order to detail the effect of budgetary restraints on TNC, Dave submitted the following report.

Update on RMF/TNC Activities at Phantom Canyon Preserve as of February 10, 2010

This is to inform the RMF Board of the current status of plans for 2010 so that Board members will be informed in advance when the public is advised through coordinated notices to be posted in March on the RMF and TNC web sites.

I foresee no need for the RMF Board to take any action on this other than to be well informed.
There are no financial commitments involving RMF. The RMF commitments do involve recruiting volunteers and managing their activities in a TNC/RMF mutually agreed set of activities.

Background for new RMF TU Board Members:
- For almost two decades, TU members and TNC staff have cooperated in a combination of recreational, educational, and stewardship activities involving the trout fishery on the North Fork of the Poudre within the Phantom Canyon Preserve.
- In the early years, the recreational component was a few days of catch and release fishing open to the public with fishing guidance provided by TU volunteers. The stewardship component was TU volunteer labor to maintain approximately 6 miles of primitive foot trail along the river.
- In 2007, with the intent of better aligning the missions of both TNC and TU, the public fishing program was modified to include a component of conservation education along with the fishing experience. The revised public fishing program was named River Adventure Days.
The stewardship program continued as before.

Current Status of RMF-TU/TNC activities for 2010

In early December 2009, Dave Piske informed Heather Knight (TNC) that he would be looking for a successor for his role in coordinating TU/TNC activities related to River Adventure Days. In January, Guy Turenne agreed to be that successor. Dave and Guy then arranged to meet with Heather at a time when she would know TNC’s capabilities for conducting all the various TNC programs at Phantom Canyon Preserve during the 2010 field season. That meeting took place on February 1.

We began the Feb.1 meeting with a review of the 3-year results of the River Adventure Days (RADs). The four RADs originally planned for each year (reduced to 2 in 2009) were designed with the first half of each day being an educational experience lead by a natural sciences expert or a CDOW fisheries staff person. The four subjects were (1) River Ecology and Recovery at Phantom, (2) Rivers and Riparian Zones, (3) Know Your Aquatic Insects, and (4) Fishy Habits and Fish Habitats. The RADs had been well managed from an administrative, safety, fishing and education point of view. However, feedback from both the natural history trip leaders and RAD participants revealed that the underlying premise that we could successfully pair the educational and fishing experiences turned out to be faulty. We learned that participants did not participate because they were eager to learn about conservation and natural history. They did participate because of the opportunity to fish in Phantom Canyon, even though the price was to endure the natural history session. This was reflected in obvious anxiety of participants to get into the river to fish and frustration on the part of natural history leaders caused by inattention to their presentations. Hence this is a good time to reconsider the effectiveness of the RADs.

Our Feb. 1 meeting then turned to understanding the financial and staffing limits that set the bounds of TNC’s 2010 activities. Because of continued financial and staffing constraints there will be more impacts on all of TNC's outreach and stewardship activities at Phantom Canyon Preserve in 2010. Less staffing and a shorter field season, means further reductions in programming. Hence the total number of trips to Phantom Canyon Preserve will be reduced again this year. Also, donor supporters of TNC expect the highest priorities to be given to events that directly enable TNC to meet its conservation priorities. The need however to maintain the properties owned by TNC still exists. Hence, with no stewardship assistant at Phantom Canyon Preserve this year, the Preserve’s management also needs to prioritize stewardship projects that ensure the Preserve is well maintained. Maintaining the buildings and trails, for example, remain high priorities.

Given all of the above considerations, Dave, Guy and Heather have agreed that the best approach is to couple the interest in fishing with the need to maintain (mow and prune vegetation and rebuild rock cairns) the trail system at the Preserve, and discontinue RADs.

TU and TNC volunteers have done similar trail work under Scott Baily’s guidance for several years --doing one or two days per year where volunteers do trail maintenance for part of the day and fish for the latter part of the day. Scott, Guy and Heather Knight will be meeting to further design a series of Trail and Fishing Days for 2010 and more details will be provided as the plan comes together. Essentially we are expecting that there will probably be a need for 3 Trail/Fishing days in 2010; one before runoff, one after runoff, one after peak trailside biomass; depending on weather and vegetative growth conditions through the 2010 summer. In 2009, counting both the planned RADs and trail maintenance days, the TU volunteers were offered 48 angler-half-days for fishing. Dependent on the final plans for Trail/Fishing days in 2010, it appears there will be a similar or perhaps greater number of angler-half-days available to TU volunteers in 2010. Thus, TNC is making every feasible effort to provide the opportunity for TU volunteers to fish at Phantom Canyon, whereas there are other programs not involving TU which have been completely removed from the 2010 list. Looking further ahead, some sections of the river trail will need some realignment and erosion control in the next few years, so it is expected that this will provide additional Trail/Fishing days in future years.

In summary, the relationship between RMF-TU and TNC continues to be robust even though experiences with RADs and today’s difficult economic times are necessitating some changes in our cooperative programs.

Donor Recognition Program Recognition of donors is important if the Chapter wishes to be successful in obtaining funds from outside sources. A motion was made, seconded and passed to proceed with the actions suggested by Dennis Cook.
With the changes suggested by the Board, edited details submitted by Dennis, and approved by the Board are attached.

Chapter Communication - Dennis Cook suggested that we improve our communication with the membership. If we solicit e-mail addresses, communication via the internet would be improved. Byron Fessler volunteered to publish an electronic newsletter, and members would be encouraged to submit articles and information for this newsletter.

Paul Fromme
Secretary, Rocky Mountain Flycasters


RMF will recognize major monetary and in-kind donors at the $500.00+ and $1500+ levels with appropriately differentiated wall plaques, with a letter of appreciation on chapter letterhead stationary, and with their name/logo appearing prominently on the RMF website and on chapter official emails and print communications.

$1000+ Donors will receive, for two years, two courtesy invitations to the RMF Fly Tying Expo, River Cleanup Day and Christmas Social Function.

$100-$499 Donors will receive an appreciation letter on chapter letterhead stationary, and their names displayed on the website and periodical Donors Roster.

Four levels of donation:
* Cutthroat Trout Sponsor $1500 & above
* Rainbow Trout Sponsor    $500-$1499
* Brown Trout Donor        $100- $499
* Brook Trout Donor         $50-  $99

Suggested plaques/engraving samples as described below.
Sample drafts of plaques

**Plus initial one-time $13.50 setup charge per plaque. Subsequent orders just a $3.00 charge to update name, date and edit text...but not to revise layout which would be an additional full setup charge.

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

Last updated on 23 May, 2019