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Youth Day Camp
Youth Day Camp
Youth Day Camp
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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings


The meeting was held at the home of our President Lee Evans, who called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.

Board Members and Visitor: Byron Fessler, Dennis Cook, Dave Piske, Guy Turenne, Jim Lilly, Greg Evans, Ken Eis, Cullen Emsing, Lee Evans, David Nickum Paul Fromme

President’s comments: The e-mail list has been reduced to active Board participants, and active contributors to the Boards activities. This list is the President’s e-mail list and it is suggested that all adopt this list.

Minutes: The minutes of the December meeting were approved with the changes suggested by Dennis Cook and previously recorded.

Treasurer’s report: There has been no financial activity since the last meeting. Fiduciary responsibility has been transferred to the newly elected President and Treasurer. Fundraising for the general account and the Behnke scholarship fund are of primary concern.

Membership: We have 846 members. There were 4 new members, 3 of whom have been contacted via email to welcome them to our activities. There were 49 membership renewals, and 25 expired memberships. 29 memberships are about to expire.

Youth Activities
Trout in the Classroom: The application for the EAS grant has been prepared and submitted. Fossil Ridge High School has not committed to a Memorandum of Understanding, due to lack of a guaranteed funding source from Federal or State resources. Without an MOU, The EAS grant is difficult or unlikely. Another High School sponsor is being sought.

Youth Day Camp: Planning for the day camp is well along. A flyer has been completed and approval was given after long discussion. It was moved, and passed unanimously that a $30 fee for each participant is appropriate. The participants may be asked to bring their own food. Parents will be encouraged to participate and observe.

Funding is and will remain an issue. Current Chapter funds are limited. The motion that a maximum of $3000 be committed for the Youth Day Camp from the current Chapter General funds $5184.17 balance was passed with one dissenting vote.

Dennis Cook will lead fund raising efforts specific to the day camp, with several volunteer helpers. In order to limit the funds required, donations of fly tying and fishing equipment will be solicited.

Bob Streeter has volunteered to assist with the conservation related educational activities. Volunteers are being sought to support all of the day camp activities. At least 3 volunteers are needed for each day’s program.

Transportation to the day’s activities will be the responsibility of the parents. If an activity requires the transportation of the student and volunteer group, public transportation facilities and drivers will be arranged to reduce liability issues.

Funding requirements for the first year include equipment costs that will be nonrecurring.

DAVID NICKUM: David Nickum, Executive Director of CTU visited and discussed the following.

Funds for the support of the Youth Day Camp may be available from the CTU Golochak Mini-Grant Fund.

The winter Board meeting of CTU will take place on the Saturday the 16 at the Bass Pro Shops in Arvada, starting at 9AM. Erica Stock is the new Outreach Director for CTU, and will address water related issues. Erica is highly qualified and will be introduced at the Winter CTU Board meeting.

The CTU auction will take place on March 19th at the Arvada Center. Donations of fishing guide trips solicited by the Chapter will result in a share of the receipts coming back to the Chapter.

CTU will participate in and co-sponsor a nationwide raffle in cooperation with CYO. Raffle tickets will cost $20, with a prize including $1000 shopping spree, transportation to and from a several day fishing trip to private Wyoming waters for a party of 4.

CTU is cooperating with the American Fly Fishing Trade Association for a fund raising effort. We may have a chance to solicit for the Behnke Scholarship Fund at this event.

Long Draw Mitigation: CTU is cooperating with Water Supply and Storage to define a mitigation strategy that is amenable to both parties. The Forest Service is insisting that a sole designee be responsible for the entire mitigation effort. This is likely to be opposed by WSS, as the total cost is an inappropriate assessment. Further complications may occur in obtaining the concurrent approval and cooperation of the Forest Service, Fish and Wildlife, and Rocky Mountain National Park. If these issues can be resolved, mitigation efforts can commence in April, and this is both anticipated and wished for. Initial work requires assessment of existing and needed fish barriers. A CSU graduate student could accomplish this work.

Fly Tying Expo: 16 tyers have committed for the expo. Room setup, food, drinks, and volunteers for the door and raffle have been verified. In other words, were all set, and see you there. Lee Evans will contact a local radio show to participate in additional publicity for the Expo. David Nickum was given a copy of the Expo flyer to display in CTU on-line news.

Behnke Scholarship: Additional items are needed for the Behnke raffle, and sales of raffle tickets need to be promoted. We have $1800 in fund raising to go.

Coloradoan Xplore section: The Xplore section will be moved from Wednesday to Sunday. The section will be expanded from 8 to 16 pages and the format will be changed to a folio format. RMFC can take advantage of the expanded calendar section, the new Q&A section, the How To section, the Conservation and Environmental section, and the opportunity to submit stories to enhance the image and visibility of Chapter activities. We need to designate Chapter members to act as respondents to fishing questions.

RMF Brochure: Brochures were designed and printed by Dennis Cook. These brochures will be used in fund raising efforts for all Chapter activities. Dennis Cook will incorporate suggested edits and send the edited brochure to Cullen Emsing in a PDF format. Cullen Emsing will investigate options for printing.

General Meeting Programs: Board members with information about upcoming meetings will forward this information to Paul Fromme, who will submit early calendar items to the new Xplore section of the Coloradoan.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:45PM.

Paul Fromme
Secretary, Rocky Mountain Flycasters

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

Last updated on 23 May, 2019