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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters
Board Meeting Minutes
November 11, 2009

The meeting was held at Ken Eis’ house. Ken called the meeting to order at 7 PM.

Guy Turenne, Phil Wright, Dave Piske, Byron Fessler, Lee Evans, Jim Lilly, Ken Eis, Dennis Cook, Paul Fromme

Approval of minutes:
Minutes from the September Board meeting were read and approved.

Treasurers Report:
Balance in Projects account: $688.77. Monthly expenditures for Projects account: $375 for raffle rods, $100 for raffle license, $80 for October meeting room. Monthly income for Projects account: $260. The portion of the Projects account for the Behnke scholarship fund shows a $188 shortfall.
Balance in General account: $5135.35 after expenditures of $41.25 for meeting badges.

Membership Report:
Membership is essentially static at 851. 13 new members signed up to balance losses.

Old business:
Jim Lilly will lead the November general meeting. New Officers will be elected at this meeting. Lee Evans will work to complete the slate of candidates.

It was moved and passed that changes to the By-Laws will be proposed that move elections from November to May. This proposal will be voted on at the November General meeting. The next election of officers will be thus conducted in May 2010.

Ken Eis will contact the Senior Center to establish criteria for room configurations for future General meetings. Use of the “stage” room for the Jan meeting would enhance the setup of approximately 15 tables for fly tying demos. Jim Lilly is actively soliciting fly tyers for the Jan meeting.

A general discussion of publicity for Chapter activities included suggested additions/modifications to the website, contacts with the newspapers to highlight past, current, and future RMFC activities and contributions to conservation. A paid advertisement for the fund raising meeting in January will be investigated.

Phil Wright volunteered to contact fly shops for donations for the Behnke, and meeting raffles. Recognition of these contributions in a way that benefits the donors was suggested.

The Chapter Library issue was discussed. The library would include books, magazines, video or audiotape, CD’s, and DVD’s. It was agreed that an unregulated “take a book/bring books” honor system would work best. Retention of the library assets was not determined.

It was agreed that there would be no formal Christmas party this year.

New business:

A consensus was reached that minimal or no expenditure for speakers will be the norm. Speakers and schedules were discussed but not resolved.

A budget meeting is required and was the proposed subject for the December 9th Board meeting at Lee Evans’ house.

Formal adoption of the Narrows State Wildlife area was discussed. Lee Evans will determine paperwork, training and liability issues.

Proposals by the Forest service for mitigation of environmental impacts of Long Draw reservoir location and expansion incorporate the long-term desires of the Park service. The proposal is for a 15-year project to restore greenback populations in 40 miles of streams in the headwaters of the Poudre. As written, WSSC is regarded as fully responsible for the estimated cost of $1 million. Both WSSC and TU regard this as an inappropriately large requirement, and this will certainly force litigation by WSSC if not modified. Governmental red tape, lack of communication, budgeting rules, federal departmental jingoism, and unrealistic expectations from the “deep pockets” of WSSC do not bode well for the resolution of implementation issues.

Trout in the Classroom is a proposed chapter activity. Grants from Embrace a Stream and a CTU Golmochac mini-grant may form a basis for funding of this activity and may provide as much as $1500. An additional $2500 would be desirable. Initial and ongoing funding requirements are unknown. Funding might be obtained from local businesses, CTU, NTU, and Chapter sources but amounts and availability are unknown. A similar project in a Loveland school has shown optimistic results, and motivated interest in proceeding with Trout in the Classroom.

Initial riparian enhancement at Eagles Nest Open Space has been completed. Continuing Chapter involvement will certainly include trail maintenance. More riparian work may be required after the expansion of Seaman reservoir.

The Board thanked Ken Eis for his contributions as President of the Chapter.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:10 PM

Contributed by Paul Fromme

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

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