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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters
Board Meeting 6-14-09

Meeting Called to Order 9:50 a.m. Present: Bob Streeter, Guy Turenne, Dave Piske, Dave Coulson, Ken Eis, Phil Wright, Dennis Cook and Norma Stallsworth.

Minutes of May meeting approved, motion by Dave P.

Treasurer’s Report: General Fund - $6,290.33 at start of May, $5,888.33 at end. Project Account - $2,416 at start of May, $1,121.77 at end. Behnke Scholarship was paid, wound up $388 in the hole with Behnke Fund. Membership had no report.

Programs: No one yet lined up for September Dave C. volunteered a program if no else is found. It was suggested that for the October meeting do the CSU check presentation and try to get last recipient to do a presentation on his work. Phil will work on check presentation. Ken will try to arrange for last recipient presentation. Bob S. asked if anyone had spoken to Miles Blumheart re: coverage of the check presentation or do we supply the Coloradoan with pictures & brief article. The Coloradoan is still not very responsive. Bob suggested contacting Sherry Sohodowski(sp.?) with the North County 40 paper for coverage, he will get contact info. Guy volunteered as a standby program on bonefishing, Ken may work up an Alaska program, Rick Takahashi is scheduled for November, Greg Shishler is still on tap for a Hofer Rainbow presentation at some point. Dave Cook is scheduled for October (program?)

Old Business:
Rod Bids: Per Dave C. we can get: Elkhorn Rods at $75 each, Reddington at either $83 or $59 depending on model, TFO at $93 or $73 depending on model, and Orvis at $64. All rods would come with tubes. Discussion followed with a decision to purchase 5 Elkhorn Rods and 5 TFO rods in various weights from 3 to 6.

Business Cards: Phil passed around a sample RMF business card. He will format for Avery card stock and email that to the Board in addition to getting cards printed. He will email board with the final cost for an approval vote.

Senior Center: Ken has reconfirmed the meeting room for the coming year and will arrange for 5 tables at each meeting.

Eagle’s Nest: Trail maintenance is scheduled for next weekend. Guy will get emails out with time and carpool information. Note: The last maintenance was canceled due to not enough volunteers—next trail maintenance is scheduled for August 29.

Big Thompson River Clean up had 14 participants. Guy picked up a computer monitor which will need to be disposed of which will require payment of a disposal fee. Chapter will reimburse the disposal fee cost. (Note: cost was a per pound fee which came to $12.60 -Guy)

New Business:
Youth Activity Coordinator: Dennis Cook volunteered to head up. Things he would like to work on include; CTU Youth Camp sponsorship, Boy Scout Fly Fishing Merit Badge, continue TU’s conservation mission with youth through casting, fly tying and fishing classes, work with CDOW on youth activities. Dennis will be putting together a curriculum. Bob S. suggested pursuing a grant from CDOW for a Fishing Is Fun activity. Dennis will also ask chapter members for old equipment for use in youth activities.

CTU Youth Camp: Dennis (a staffer at the camp) reports that 19 campers participated with a ratio of 2.1 staff per camper. The camp was held at the Peace Ranch in the Frying Pan River watershed. New this year were staff mentors to reinforce fishing skills and the conservation message from the classes.

County Fair Booth: There was discussion about having a RMF booth at the Larimer County Fair. It was felt that any RMF presence at the Fair be youth oriented possibly involving fly tying. Also printed informational material should be available for handout along with scholarship raffle tickets. Due to the shortness of time before the fair it was decided not to participate this year but to getting on board with sufficient lead time for the 2010 Fair.

Summer Mailing: Any information for the post card to be sent out for the September meeting needs to get to Ken for inclusion.

Other Business:
Chapter has received a post card from the Secretary of State requesting information pertaining to our non-profit status.
Bob S. says there has been no further information regarding potential formation of a Greely Chapter.
Norma is considering taking over as Chapter Treasurer.
Meeting adjourned 11:04 a.m. with much appreciation to the Bob and Karen Streeter for hosting the meeting, serving breakfast, and offering fishing opportunities.

Submitted by,

Guy Turenne

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

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