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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

May 13, 2009

The meeting was called to order by President Ken Eis. Board members present were Lee Evans, Guy Turenne, David Coulson, and Phil Wright. The minutes of the last meeting were approved after correcting the spelling of a few names.

The treasurer's report showed a balance of $6290.33 in the general fund after expenses of $725.20 for caps and $14.95 for a sign holder. We took in $281 from our last table raffle and $62 from the sale of hats. A check to Larimer County is still outstanding.

The projects account income of $140 plus $820 from scholarship raffle plus $80 from the table raffle, and after an expense of $80 to the Senior Center, we had a balance of $2416.77 with $1182 encumbered for the Behnke Scholarship. Dave moved to pay the scholarship of $2000 from the projects account, keeping account of amount over our donations so they can be made up next year. The motion was seconded and passed. Ken will check with CSU regarding the actual payment.

It was reported that we needed to send $1000 back to the United Way because a donation was to go to the national TU instead of to our chapter. We will get clarification, but will return the money if necessary.

The Vets day went well with 9 veterans and 4 volunteers learning casting and fishing in the ponds in Cheyenne. Thanks to Milt Mays, Ken Eis, Dave Piske, and Stan Woodring for their work.

The river clean-up of the Big Thompson is scheduled for June 13. We will put out a sign-up form at the meeting. Ken will bring doughnuts and Lee will be in charge of organizing the clean-up areas. We will meet at the Narrows Park, 2.1 miles from the Dam Store, at 9:00 am.

We decided to keep the 7.5 foot rods for donations to kids as needed. We decided to give one to Josh Morris to use at CTU youth camp. We will introduce Connor Murphy, who we are sponsoring, and Josh, who Cutthroat Chapter will sponsor at our request at the meeting and have a publicity photo.

There was no further information about bids for rods for next year. We will discuss this at our next meeting.

We discussed business cards for the chapter as presented by Phil. We offered suggestions and Phil will get some printed.

Ken will confirm meeting at the Senior Center for next year.

Lee reported on the Rendezvous. He attended the new leaders meetings and heard many ideas about getting more involvement from our members.

Guy's report on the meetings at Rendezvous included information about the Sportsmen Conservation Project which is working on responsible energy development, off-road vehicle use, keeping road less areas and just generally protecting sportsman's lands.

CTU continues to work toward partnering to enforce the news rules for gas and oil development, especially on the Roan Plateau. The topic of non-consumptive water use is being discussed, defined and valued at many round table discussions around the state.

At the CTU business meeting, we discussed legislation to give tax credits to water owners to leave the water in the stream. Long Draw restoration is moving slowly because of both the Forest Service and WSSC trying not to pay. Meetings will continue.

Guy Turenne and Dennis Cook were both re-elected to the CTU Board of Directors, and Guy will also chair the Engagement Committee which includes events, youth activities and finance.

Our next meeting will be at Bob Streeter's on Sunday. June 14. Come at 7:00 am if you wish to fish in his pond, breakfast will be served at 9:00 and the board meeting will begin at 10:00. Thanks to Bob and his wife, Karen, for hosting us. There will be no board meeting in July, with the August meeting at Ken's.

After a brief discussion of the Million Pipeline, we adjourned at 9:07. Thanks to Ken for having the meeting at his house.

Respectfully submitted,

Lee Evans
RMF Secretary

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

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