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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

April 9, 2009

The meeting was called to order by President Ken Eis with board members Phil Wright, Guy Turenne, Jim Lilly, Dave Coulson, and Lee Evans present. Also in attendance was Dave Piske.

Membership was reported at 864. The treasurer reported that the Fishing Expo at the Ranch brought in $349. Dave C. also reported our General Fund was at $6687.48 and the Projects account had a balance of $1456.77, with $502 of that committed to the Behnke Scholarship.

The board recognized the following volunteers at the Fishing Expo and thanked them for their time and efforts: Phil Wright, Dave Piske, Stan Woodring, Guy Turenne, Frank Cada, Scott Bailey, Dave Dargatz, and Dennis Cook. Phil reported that we got some good exposure and many people were interested in membership. He also suggested a need for a fly fishing tutorial, as indicated by people coming by the booth.

We have two more meetings to sell tickets to the raffle for the scholarship. It was agreed we would send an email to as many members as possible asking for donations, and Guy and Lee would make a plea to the Colorado chapters at the Spring Rendezvous.

We looked at both applicants for the CTU Youth Camp and voted to sponsor Connor Murphy. Dave C. made the motion and Guy seconded and it passed. Lee said he would attempt to find a sponsor for Josh Harris at the Rendezvous.

The Long Draw EIS was published on March 23 and now a Record of Decision is being worked on. Generally, Option 3 is the best option, with minor adjustments, and will entail creating one of the largest Greenback Cutthroat restocking projects in the nation. We as a chapter are committed to volunteer help, and the costs, spread over 10 -15 years, are being discussed.

The Larimer County Parks Board will meet on April 14 to make their recommendation to the County Commissioners regarding the parcels of land on The Big Thompson near Drake.

The NTU river cleanup will be June 13. Lee will get the half-mile stretches identified and ready for assignment to volunteers. Lee also has the vests and will get bags from the CDOT. We will meet at the Narrows Park at 9:00 am and expect to finish before noon. Ken will bring doughnuts.

The Eagle’s Nest trail work is scheduled for June 20. Guy is making the arrangements.

Phil moved and Dave C. seconded a motion to sponsor Guy and Lee to the CTU Spring Rendezvous with registration costs and room costs, not to exceed $500. The motion carried.

Jim reported he received four 7 foot 5 wt. rods with reels and lines and one vest from L. L. Bean through NTU. We will use these in our education projects.

He received a bid from Taylor Sipes for 7 River Dog rods to be used in next year’s raffle. The cost to us would be in the $700 - $800 range. T. L. Johnson could get us 7 rods for around $800. Dave C. will be getting bids from Jax and Elkhorn.

The Million Pipeline was discussed. This is a proposal to bring 250,000 acre feet of water from the Green down the I-80 corridor to the Front Range. We will watch this proposal.

Phil said he needed business cards for our chapter to give away at places like the Fishing Expo. He will work something up. He wondered if we needed to be giving lessons or offering fly fishing classes. We do not want to compete with the fly shops.

We were encouraged to attend the DOW Roundtable meetings as often as possible. The next one will be Monday, April 13, at the Senior Center in Ft. Collins at 6:30 and they will be discussing invasive species.

The meeting adjourned with appreciation to Ken for hosting.

Respectfully submitted,

Lee Evans
RMF Secretary

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

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