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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

March 11, 2009

The meeting was called to order by Vice President Jim Lilly with board members Dave Coulson, Guy Turenne, Lee Evans, and Phil Wright in attendance. Also present were Bob Streeter and Dave Piske. The minutes of the February meeting were approved. Membership reported 868 members with 17 new members this month.

Dave C. gave the treasurer’s report of $6604.48 in the general fund and $1168.77 in the projects account. It was mentioned that nearly $2000 from the general fund is encumbered to cover the cost of hats, spring rendezvous, and youth camp. Jim moved and Lee seconded that Dave C. establish a petty cash fund of $50, so that we would have change on hand at the general meetings. The motion passed.

Phil reported on the purchase of six dozen hats of 3 different colors for a cost of $9.61 each. This price included embroidering of our chapter logo on each hat. They should be available at our meeting on March 18, and will be given to those who donate $20 to the chapter. It is hoped the hats become an identifier of our chapter.

We then discussed the scholarship fund and raffle. We presently have only $182 in the scholarship fund. While some felt we should simply ask for donations, and then make up the difference from the general fund for this year only, the group decided to still have a raffle, with the drawing to be held at the May meeting. Phil volunteered to be in charge and will print raffle tickets by the March 18 meeting. An Orvis T3 4-piece, 5 wt. rod was donated anonymously, St Pete’s donated a Walk and Wade guided trip for two, and Ken has a variety of miscellaneous items to make the raffle have three quality prizes. Tickets will be $20 each, and we will encourage all members to buy at least one. Bob volunteered to get some of Behnke’s books to also include in the raffle. We will ask Ken Eis to send an email blast to the membership, so they will be prepared to buy a ticket at our next meeting.

There was much discussion regarding the need for a Scholarship Coordinator so we could get our raffle going at the first meeting of the year. The plan is to sell more than $2000 worth of tickets so we can begin to build an endowment. Hopefully we can recruit more people from the membership to help with these types of standing committees.

Bob reported on Eagle’s Nest Open Space. The county is spending most of their resources getting Red Mountain Ranch opened so nothing much is happening at Eagle’s Nest. Guy will be the contact with the county now, and a tentative date of June 20 was scheduled for trail maintenance. A sign up sheet will be at future meetings.

Lee and Guy expressed an interest in attending the CTU Spring Rendezvous April 17-19. The Board committed to paying the lodging and registration for two members.

In new business, it was noted that national TU was sponsoring a spring river clean-up as one of its 50th year activities. They have set June 13 for the date, and the Board decided that our volunteers should spend that date on the Big Thompson. We will coordinate with Alpine Anglers of Estes Park, and work on the lower part of the river. Please mark your calendars, and sign up at the next meeting.

Lee reported on the CTU Youth Camp process. Letters have been sent to all area high schools and junior highs. We have received one application so far. For more information, find the link on our Youth Camp article. Application deadline is March 30th.

We discussed buying rods for next year’s raffles and decided we needed 7 rods and one premium rod for the Scholarship. Dave C. will ask Jax and Elkhorn for prices and Jim will contact T. L. Johnson for prices.

It was reported that the Fly Fishing Film Tour will be showing a fishing film at the Rialto in downtown Loveland on April 8. Check out www.flyfishingfilmtour.com for more information.

It was suggested that we should change our elections to May to more coordinate with our active year. This could not happen until 2010. The idea was tabled until our next meeting.

Phil suggested running a slide show before and after the meetings. He suggested showing some fish pictures, some requests for volunteers, our web address, and other items of general interest. Here is another opportunity for involvement of our members.

Bob invited us to have our June board meeting at his house again. The date would be June 14. Fishing in his ponds is available at 7:00 am, with breakfast served at 9:00 am and the meeting will start at 10:00 am. The board appreciates Bob’s generous offer.

Bob suggested we donate to CTU at the rendezvous. The discussion centered on our inability to stabilize our fund raising, and the consensus was that we could not donate at this time. No vote was taken.

We adjourned with appreciation to Dave for hosting the meeting and supplying the wonderful goodies.

Respectfully submitted,

Lee Evans
RMF Secretary

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Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

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