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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

OCTOBER 8, 2008

The meeting was called to order by Vice President Jim Lilly. Board members present included Lee Evans, Dave Coulson, Phil Wright, Greg Evans, and Guy Turenne. Also attending were Walt Graul and Dave Piske. Minutes were approved and membership was reported at 850.

Dave reported the Projects Account had a balance of $789.67 of which $182.00 is encumbered for the scholarship. The general account was showing a balance of $6047.63. Dave noted that we paid our webmaster $1200.00 for the year. Dave also reported the Christmas party last year cost the chapter $100, and we spent $402.80 last year to send two members to the Fall Rendezvous. He also reported that he needed volunteer hours for the past fiscal year so he can complete the year end audit.

In old business, Guy will attend the Fall Rendezvous and will also re-certify the chapter (or find out how) at the Rendezvous. The chapter will reimburse Guy for expenses and registration.

The photo for this year’s scholarship was reported to have been taken at the September meeting. Discussion was held as to how we would publish the photo. We hoped for the newspaper and the website.

In new business, Jim announced that elections would be held at the November meeting. Dave Coulson would like to find another treasurer, Lee will run again for Secretary, Ken will run again for President, and Jim is considering running again for Vice President. Both Guy and Phil said they would run for the at large positions. Since Ken is term limited, we will need a new president in 2009, and usually the vice president is grooming for the position. We need more nominees. Lee said he would ask Paul to put a call for candidates on the website.

Greg will take the lead on the Christmas party. He will contact Manny’s and find available dates. Costs will probably need to be around $15 per person. Now, who has the fly tree?

Jim reported that the January meeting will be all fly tiers, with pizza and soft drinks available. We will also have a larger raffle, perhaps a bucket raffle, and charge a $10 admission. Details are being worked on. Kirk Bein will be our October speaker and we’ll try to get the Baja Fly Fishing guys for November.

Dave P. reported that the feedback from the Phantom Canyon Days was mostly positive and constructive. Adjustments in the structure of the days are being discussed.

Walt Graul presented information about a new group being formed called The Friends of the Big Thompson and asked us to be part of the group. Their objectives include monitoring the sale of the parcels of land by the County while fighting for river access. Greg moved that we become members of the group while retaining the privilege to opt out on specific issues. Lee seconded, the motion passed. Dave Coulson abstained.

Lee will contact Paul about updating the officers’ page on the website.

Dave P. reported that the Bureau of Reclamation and the Corps of Engineers has presented a draft EIS for the Windy Gap Firming Project, which could result in a new reservoir west of Carter Lake. Comments are due by Oct 28. Dave Nickum spoke at a recent meeting and felt the CTU concern was reduced flow in the Colorado River. The board generally felt they would support CTU in this matter.

A set of keys with a metal fish attached were found at the entrance to Phantom Canyon. If you know who owns them, please contact Dave Piske.

The meeting adjourned with gratitude to Lee Evans for hosting.

Respectfully submitted,

Lee Evans
RMF Secretary

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Previous Meetings

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