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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

AUGUST 10, 2008

President Ken Eis opened the meeting with officers Lee Evans, Jim Lilly, and Dave Coulson present. Also at the meeting were Guy Turenne, Bob Streeter, Phil Wright, Dave Piske, Frank Cada, and Milt Mays. Ken thanked Bob for hosting the meeting and serving the board a wonderful breakfast.

Dave C. reported that the project fund had $3532.59 with $2000 encumbered for the scholarship, leaving a balance of $1532.59. The general fund had a balance of $6204.89.

Lee reported a membership of 861, with 12 new members joining in July.

In old business, the speaker schedule for this year’s meetings was discussed. Mo Kirwan of Mo Henry’s Fly Shop in Fraser will speak in September regarding fishing the area around Fraser. John Blyth, from Four Season Fly Shop in Laramie, Wyoming will be available for October or November. All members were asked to help find speakers for the year.

Dave P. reported on the NISP Glade EIS statement and used the phrase “obtuse” when referring to the document. Ken, Guy, Dave P., and Bob will meet with David Nickum of CTU to discuss strategy and comments that will be made on behalf of RMF and TU. Comments have to be submitted before September 13.

Comments were filed on July 11 regarding the Long Draw Reservoir mitigation. This may turn into a major project for RMF. Nothing active is happening at present regarding the Halligan Seaman expansions.

It’s time to pay our webmaster, Paul Wehr, for his work on our behalf. Treasurer Dave had no record of the pay period used and needs that for his records. We will check old minutes and also ask Paul so we can have complete records for future treasurers.

A question about the brochures was put forth from Paul Wehr. We talk about how the donor could help RMF, should we also talk about how RMF will help the donor? The suggestion was notice on the website or perhaps a sponsor board with links to the sponsor’s website. We also felt it was time to print the brochures and quit talking about them.

Ken will present a check to the recipient of the Robert Behnke/Rocky Mountain Flycasters Scholarship at the September meeting. Who has the large check blank that we use for photos? We also discussed making the RMF contribution be part of the endowment and, since no decision was reached, more discussion will be needed.

Milt presented the latest from Project Healing Waters and the bureaucratic nightmare it has become. We decided just to do a class and then go fishing. Milt went through the calendar, and set September 6, 2008 for a class in Cheyenne from 9:00 to noon. Volunteers are needed.

In new business, Ken reminded the board that our meetings are now the THIRD Wednesday of the month and will be held at the Senior Center, near the corner of Drake and Shields in Ft. Collins. We’ll start around 6:30 as always.

We have joined with the Wildlands Restoration Volunteers organization. They are a brokerage for volunteers for projects throughout the state. This action followed an e-mail motion and vote.

Poudre River cleanup is September 13. We will meet at Picnic Rock at 9:00 and Dave P. will assign stretches for our volunteers. Lee and Greg will supply the food and drinks for a picnic at noon, after the clean-up.

The postcard announcing our new meeting time and date will be mailed in late August. Ken will take care of it. He will also advertise the cleanup on the postcard, since it will be before our first meeting.

Phil Wright and Guy Turenne were nominated to be appointed by the board to the at-large director positions according to our new bylaws. Milt moved we appoint them; the motion was seconded, and passed. Our official board now has 7 members. These positions must stand for election in November at our regular election time.

The board was pleased that Walt Graul has volunteered to be the RMF representative to the Big Thompson properties sale and will monitor that situation. We hope he will attend board meetings to keep us posted on developments.

Fund raising was discussed with the concept of an auction as a viable alternative. In order to work, we need donated items. The fund raising committee will continue to work.

Frank Cada reported he would attend the Big Thompson Watershed Forum on October 28. Ken noted that he had information regarding the Colorado Conservation Summit to be held October 6-8 in Keystone. Interested persons can go to www.COnservationsummit.org.

The meeting adjourned with more compliments to Bob Streeter.

Respectfully submitted,

Lee Evans
RMF Secretary

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

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