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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

April 15, 2008

Board President Ken Eis called the meeting to order with Jim Lilley, Lee Evans, and Dave Coulson present. Also attending were Milt Mays, John Fraser, Guy Turenne, Paul Fromme, Dave Piske and Phil Wright. Minutes were approved as printed.

Dave C. reported receiving $60 for the scholarship fund and $235 from the raffle table to bring the projects account to $3315.64. The general fund was $6339.69. He reported the scholarship fund was $1627, which is $373 short of our yearly commitment of $2000. We need each member to donate by buying a $20 raffle ticket at our May meeting.

Lee reported that membership was at 855, with 14 new and 1 transfer for the month.

Old Business
Ken reported on the Long Draw EIS that recently was published. There are 4 alternatives and it seems #3 was most viable. Although the original complaint was flow rate in the Poudre creek below the dam, it becomes extremely difficult and expensive to do. Consequently, a compromise is in discussion stages and this involves the re-introduction of native cutthroats and building structures to keep them in the area. Paul asked if the costs were in addition to expenses already in place, or total including present expenses. Ken, Dave P., Guy, and Bob Streeter will attend the public forum and will report at next Board meeting.

In old business, Milt reported on the progress of project Healing Waters. He has contacted a variety of people and is still forming up the process. Money to help is available and we will have to comply with the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) of the national chapter. We discussed possible fishing locations and availability of equipment. Milt will attend an orientation in Denver.

The brochure is still in process and many people are working on it. John reported that his company still has money to donate, but would probably prefer a more visible project than stream flow indicators.

Lee will restate the rationale behind the change in bylaws, and report the board‘s position on the new bylaws at the May meeting before calling for a vote.

Regarding a new venue for our monthly meetings, Ken mentioned a variety of possibilities. The Senior Center charges only $40, but would not have a space on Wednesdays. The American Legion hall in Loveland would need a $50 deposit, the meetings would be free, but they would need one of their members to sponsor us. The Hilton is willing to negotiate the price and would be willing to come down if we booked our banquets and Christmas parties with them. The Chilson center in Loveland is also a possibility. Ken asked ALL board members to work on this issue.

The May meeting will present Guy Turenne with a talk on fishing the Potomac. Greg Sheets will be the guest tier. Ken will ask George Shisler to give a brief talk about Hofer trout. The bylaw change will be voted on. The Scholarship raffle will be drawn. This is a busy meeting and the last until fall.

New Business
In new business, river clean-ups were discussed. April 20 is and Eagle’s nest workday. May 19 was thought to be the River Revival day in Loveland. September 13 is TU’s statewide river clean-up day.

Guy Turenne reported that he is now a director of CTU. Guy and Phil gave their report of the Rendezvous and it is attached to the minutes. Our chapter did receive and award for Exemplary Youth Education Program in recognition for our past work with Colorado Youth Outdoors.

Paul Fromme will be involved with the Fort Collins Utilities as they are becoming involved in the environment as they study strategies. Since water is one of their issues, we could be affected. He will keep us informed.

John Fraser reported the Forest Service environmental assessment regarding cattle grazing in the national forests is seeking comment. Ken will respond.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm with appreciation to Ken for hosting the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Lee Evans
RMF Secretary.

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

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