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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

January 15, 2008

President Ken Eis called the meeting to order with Guy Turenne, Ron Sheets, Greg Evans, Jim Lilly, Dave Coulson, Frank Cada, Phil Wright, and Dave Piske present. Lee Evans arrived later.

Minutes of previous board meeting were approved.

The treasurer’s report was given by Dave Coulson, representing account activities since October. All records have been transferred and Dave’s signature is on record. He wants another signature to also be on record and it was decided that Ken Eis would be the best choice. After depositing $309 from map sales, $479 from the Christmas party and paying out $16 in bank fees and $579.86 to Manno’s for the catered food, we show a balance of $6375.69 in the general account. It was noted that the party cost the chapter $100.

In the project account, we deposited $453 from raffles, paid $446.21 to the Hilton for meeting rooms, paid a $100 for our raffle license, and now show a balance of $2714.20.

The scholarship account has collected $3285 since inception and paid a grant of $2000, leaving $1285 in the project account encumbered for this year’s scholarship. We need at least $800 to be donated for this year’s scholarship. The project account then shows only $1429.20 available.

Dave C. will draft wording to define the accounts more clearly and will also prepare a spreadsheet to give a better picture of the budget and the treasury. A possible audit of the books was discussed. Ken would like more input into the budget and asked that each board member bring budget items to the next board meeting. Where do we want to spend our money and how much will we spend in each case needs to be discussed.

It was also pointed out that our treasury is decreasing and we must establish an income stream in order to carry out our projects and plans. Fund raising continues to be a significant issue and needs to be addressed. Vice president Jim Lilly agreed to serve as fund raising chairman and will try to bring all parties together. He needs volunteer help and we’ll make a case at the next general meeting.

Dave P, Guy T. and Frank C. attended the CTU winter board meeting and presented highlights. The Youth Conservation Camp will be held June 8-13 and cost is $375 per attendee. The deadline for applications is March 10. Greg moved to sponsor one youth from our chapter. The motion was seconded and passed. Greg and Phil will write letters, contact CYO, and Poudre schools in order to recruit persons interested in attending.

Other highlights of CTU meeting:
  • TU regional meeting will be in Colorado in May. The Grand Valley Chapter is organizing the meeting and would like financial help.
  • Legislative issues include new bills to give additional money and definition to the Instream Flow laws of 2007. Mining legislation to include uranium mines in restoration requirements has been introduced. Off Road vehicle law enforcement bill would enable DOW officers to enforce laws on Federal lands.
  • The national fly fishing championships were discussed. The organizers of the 2007 competitions would like to see at least a regional competition each year in Colorado. (The RMF Board had much discussion as to whether we are a competitive organization or a conservation organization. Our involvement was questioned and more time needs to be allotted to come to a decision.)
  • Frank C. summarized the Big Thompson land sales to the CTU board.
  • CTU Bylaws committee reported they had difficulty recruiting members to all the positions. Like RMF, they are rewriting their bylaws to eliminate some positions.
  • Federal Climate Change Letter requesting legislation to work to stop CO2 emissions was discussed and the CTU board voted to sign the letter.
Membership in RMF was reported to be 839. It was asked that each member check their profile on the national TU website to see if all data was correct.

The bylaws committee will meet soon and make a presentation to the board at its next meeting.

Dave Coulson was commended for his spur-of-the-moment presentation at the last general meeting. His talk was professional, interesting and well received.

The meeting adjourned at 8:52 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Lee Evans
RMF Secretary

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

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