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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

 Rocky Mountain Flycasters

Board of Directors Meeting August 18, 2007
draft submitted by Paul Fromme August 18, 2007, edited August 21.

Attendees: David Piske, Paul Fromme, Dave Coulson, Greg Evans, Frank Cada, Guy Turenne, Ken Eis, John Frazer, Chris Sheafor

Greg Evans called the meeting to order at 9:15 AM at The River Forks Inn in Drake. The minutes of the May meeting were approved.

Treasurer's report: The RMFC account has a balance of $6385.02. The Projects account has a balance of $3157.58. The Projects balance reflects the deposit of $2670 collected for the scholarship fund and a disbursement of $2000 for this years scholarship, leaving a residual of $630 toward next year's scholarship. Recent checks received from the solicitation in Trout magazine have not been deposited.

Presidents Report:

Scholarship: The Scholarship check has been delivered. A formal presentation has yet to be scheduled. A formal thank you letter was sent to Dr. Behnke, and Dr. Behnke replied, and suggested a Speaker for the Fall General Membership meetings. The notification about the Scholarship at the end of Dr. Behnke’s article in the Trout magazine has resulted in donations.

National Fly Fishing Championship: 120 volunteers are needed for the Championship, to be held on local waters in October. RMFC will aide by sending e-mail to the membership, and soliciting volunteers at the General meeting in September. Volunteers are urged to take pictures that may be used for future meetings or the Web site if approval can be obtained.

Web report: Paul Wehr's web report is attached. Photos for the web site are needed. By now each of the Board members has received an e-mail demonstrating the availability of an RMFC e-mail address.

River Watch: Our Chapter has an opportunity to participate in the River Watch program. This would involve solicitation of volunteers, a training session for the volunteers, funds from RMFC as an organization in order to participate, and funds to support each volunteer's training session. Action was indefinitely tabled.

SWIG: All members of SWIG were approached to support an advertising campaign to convince Marilyn Musgrave to vote for the passage of The Clean Water Restoration Act HR 2421. Greg Evans will check with Dave Nickum of CTU about the legal ramifications of designation our Chapter as a supporting Organization. Greg has been delegated the decision, with the full support of the Board.

Management Plan for Coldwater resources in the Estes area: RMFC has been asked to contribute to and participate in the establishment of this plan. John Frazer has volunteered to be in contact with the Estes Park Chapter and insure that our participation is coordinated with their efforts.

Banquet Planning: The Banquet will be held on February 16 2008. Either the University Park Hilton or the new Hilton will be the site. The Banquet committee is preparing a schedule for the tasks to be completed prior to the Banquet. There will be entertainment. The Mojystics have been contacted and tentatively agreed to provide music. A fee must be negotiated. A minimum of $200 would provide some pay for the student members of the group. A free dinner for the musicians would be appropriate. A member of the Group will make himself available to the Banquet committee to negotiate details.

Brochure: The Chapter informational Brochure has been prepared. Some minor suggestions about content were received. Final editing and printing will make the Brochure available for fundraising well prior to the Banquet.

Newsletter: The Newsletter will provide a marketing tool. The newsletter will provide general information about the structure of General membership meetings, proposed dates for the meetings, and a tentative list of presentations and or Speakers.

Fundraising: The fundraising committee will meet separately.

Sylvandale Picnic: The picnic has been cancelled due in part to the environmental problems associated with the ponds at Sylvandale.

Poudre River cleanup: RMFC will sponsor a cleanup of the Poudre River on September 15. RMFC will seek sponsorship and participation by other entities. This activity may be advertised as a precursor to the National Fly Fishing Championship, scheduled to be held on these local waters.

BTWF meeting: The Big Thompson Watershed Forum will hold its annual meeting on September 20. No one from RMFC has received a formal invitation to attend. The Board decided not to sponsor a booth at the meeting. John Fraser will follow up with BTWF.

Map sales: Conduct of map sales has been transferred to John Fraser. The Board voted a thank you to Paul Fromme for several years of contribution to map sales.

Articles of Incorporation: Changes to this document do not seem to be either appropriate or needed.

By-Laws: The committee will review and suggest changes to the By-Laws prior to the next Board meeting. It is important that the By-Laws reflect the guidelines provided by NTU and indicate detailed responsibilities of the Chapter officers.

Annual Report: An annual report was prepared by the Secretary and sent to the Board members via e-mail.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 11AM.

Attached Webmaster report: There don't seem to be any major changes in web usage. It is still steady though I expect it to pick up as people check to see what meeting activities we will have planned for the year.

I've been working on revamping some of the underpinnings of the web site. Most of it is invisible, though you may notice a few more submenu items in the contents column.

The other change I've been working on is making the board member page load quicker. I've removed nearly all of the javascript email addresses will be substituting web-based mail pages for those wishing to contact board members. While it was difficult for robots to harvest addresses for spam with the javascript, this change will make it nearly impossible to harvest them.

Additionally, each board member now has an address at rockymtnflycasters.org. Please note the ORG. This is a site I started up for us. Here are the job related addresses I've created:
president, vicepres, secretary, treas, pastpres, conserve, membership, news, media, webmaster, enos, phantom, hydro, raffle, bigt, programs, DCoulson, DPiske, and scholarship

I have currently set most of these addresses to forward any mail to the addresses being used at comcast, yahoo, msn, etc. If you want to do more than just receive this mail, let me know. You can use the web-based mail program to send and receive mail or you can set up your own email client to send/receive email from the RMF Dot ORG address.

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

Last updated on 23 May, 2019