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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters

Board of Directors Meeting June 10, 2007

Attendees: David Piske, Paul Fromme, Dave Coulson, Greg Evans, Lee Evans, Guy Turenne, Chris Sheafor, John Fraser, Bob Streeter

Greg Evans called the meeting to order at 9:20AM at Bob Streeter's home.

Treasurers Report: We received a $100 donation from the Paisley family and $75 from new membership rebates from NTU.

By Laws: It was moved, seconded and passed unanimously that the Chapter By-laws be reviewed and updated if necessary. Greg Evans, Lee Evans, Guy Turenne, Ken Eis and Dave Piske will undertake this task. The group will focus duties of Chapter Officers, and rules for the terms and replacement of Officers.

Annual Report: The Secretary was directed to prepare an annual report of Chapter activities, proposed activities and actions, and uncompleted tasks or actions for the August Board meeting. This report will be a draft of the final annual report for 2007.

Newsletter and Program Schedule: A Newsletter will be issued on late August. The letter will include the Chapter meeting and activity schedule that is proposed to be as follows:
September – Destination meeting and Picnic
October – Destination Meeting
November – Conservation meeting, Business meeting, and elections
December – Christmas Party
January through May – TBD
February – Banquet

President's Report: A meeting about Long Draw mitigation is scheduled for June 25. Dave Piske was delegated the responsibility for coordination. Expected attendees include: David Nickum, Dave Piske, Ken Eis, Paul Fromme, and Mark Coleman.

Paul Wehr submitted a report of Web Activity as follows:
We now have web usage data for roughly 500 days. That's about 14 months so we can begin to compare one year to the next. April showed an increase from 2887 pages served to 3449 pages served which would be a little over a 19% increase. On the other hand, last year in May we did the Phantom Canyon lottery through our site. The number of May page requests dropped from 4204 to 2807, a 33% decrease in activity.

We continue to get referrals (links from) outside sources. Some are rather obscure. In the past month, Google made the most referrals with 81. Then there is favorstar, cotrout.org, stpetes.com, yahoo.com, wildbasinoutfitters.com, metagsdir.com, msn.com, uxxicom.com. It drops from there with less than half a dozen referrals each.

People are finding us using search engines, we just need to provide a flow of information to them and request their help in meeting our conservation and education goals. Here are the top ten search words used by those finding us.
#reqs term
  36  fly
  34  fishing
  24  rocky
  24  mountain
  23  canyon
  23  phantom
  20  fort
  20  collins
   8  flycasters
   7  trout

My impression is that web activity will decrease throughout the summer and begin to pick up again in the fall as outdoor activities and fishing opportunities decrease a bit. I would interpret this to mean that we ought to have activities lined up by September as much as possible so that people can plan to participate.

It would be great to put a date, time and location on the February banquet. That way it would be on the calendar for reference.

I've started work for the next year's calendar as well as continuing work on the graphics and layout of the future forum. Some of this has been impeded by the flow of guests through our doors the past month. This next month is mostly free and then guests start again in July.

I am wondering how many board members receive email that seems to come from the board member links from the web site. How many people would be interested in an email address with Rocky Mountain Flycasters? This would probably be a board member named position such as info@rockymtnflycasters.org. I've set up President@ and VicePres@ but don't know if those are getting any use. I have yet to publish them on the web site. These are addresses that you could forward to any other address you wished.

River Watch: Mark Coleman continues to manage this activity and will be asked to report on progress in the future.

Nature Conservancy: The next river adventure day is June 30.

Fundraising: Fundraising activities were the major focus of the meeting. A flyer is being prepared to support the solicitation of donations for the Robert Behnke/RMFC Scholarship fund. Our Chapter goal is to raise $2000 each year for this scholarship. There continue to be questions regarding the administration of this Scholarship, the Chapter's relationship to the endowment provided b Robert Benkhe, and our relationship to the University. Mark Coleman and Ken Eis are working to resolve these questions, and propose actions to the Board. Ken Eis is coordinating details of the presentation of the first scholarship award. The consensus of the Boars was that the award should continue to reflect the participation of RMFC. The following is a report received subsequent to this meeting relative to the Schoarship:
Structure of the endowment:
Primary purpose – to fund graduate student scholarship/s
Secondary purpose – when returns on the endowment are good, additional funds for discretionary research expenses by fisheries faculty and graduate students – such as travel to conference to present their research to a wider audience, among other possibilities, may also be funded.

The endowment would have both Dr. Behnke's name and the Chapter's name on it, although we can work out later what the final name will be. It may be appropriate to have Dr. Behnke's name first, for example.

Our annual scholarship contribution can be added to the endowment, which will likely have the largest total impact on $$ dispensed to students over the long haul, or can be used to augment the annual award, or we can choose on a year-to-year basis whether we want to go into the endowment, or augment the award (we may want to augment on years when returns are lower and the scholarship award might otherwise shrink, and otherwise go into the endowment).

GRIP & GRIN Photo and CSU Press Release:
After the endowment is established, which appears to be happening very quickly, Scott Webb will have CSU do a Press Release, and will schedule a Grip and Grin with a Chapter Representative. The press released will be picked up by CSU publications, and he will try to get it as the feature on the CSU homepage, as well. Although it will be sent to local and regional news outlets, they can't guarantee it will be picked up by anyone, but they are pretty good at press released, so there may be a good chance of it. Finally, we can put the press release on the Chapter Website, as well.

Dr. Behnke and Scott Webb will be first getting the fund/shares transferred to the endowment, then will be involving our chapter, and several of his other colleagues in hammering out the details/wording of the funding agreement.

Dave Nickum suggest that CTU could help pay for direct mailing to solicit donations for the endowment, and Scott Webb said that those funds could be matched by CSU, as the effort is for raising funds for CSU. With approval from the department Chair of the Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology Department, Scott Webb also said that the University could do a mailing to Warner College of Natural Resources alums to solicit donations as well.

This has really snowballed into something that will make an impact – Consider what returns our $2000 investment and fundraising efforts have already generated!

I believe that, as a chapter, we should consider drafting a letter to express our gratitude to Dr. Behnke for taking this to a higher level than most of us believed possible.
A General Brochure is being prepared to aid in the solicitation of funds and membership. This brochure will emphasize our activities such as Eagles Nest, Nature Conservancy, Water quality monitoring, and our interaction with RMNP, Forest Service, Water providers and Utilities, etc.

A specific brochure or flyer related to the Banquet is in the works. The goal is to have sufficient funds donated to support the Banquet before ticket sales.

Greg Evans will be the Banquet chairperson. A deputy chair is needed to insure that a experienced leader is available for subsequent banquet planning. Greg was delegated the task of determining time, date, location. Details of the Banquet were discussed. A ticket price of $40 per person, $75 per couple was proposed.

Details of raffles, auctions, and activities remain to be determined. Guy Turenne, Dave Coulson, Ken Eis, Bob Streeter, Chris Sheafor, and Dave Piske were chosen or volunteered to be members of the Banquet Committee.

Next Scheduled Board Meeting: The meeting will be on August 18 or 19 and major topics will include Chapter By-Laws, Officer duties and Officer succession and election. This will be a retreat style meeting to be held on the Big T. The location was proposed to be the Stage coach stop where the road to Glen Haven intersects route 34.

Greg E's birthday is August 24.

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

Last updated on 23 May, 2019