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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters

Board of Directors Meeting – March 20, 2007

Attendees: Ken Eis, Ron Sheets, David Piske, Paul Fromme, Bob Streeter, Dave Coulson, Chris Sheafor, Mark Coleman, John Frazer.

Ken Eis called the meeting to order at 7:15PM at Cipoletti's Restaurant in Loveland.

Treasurer's report: Balance in RMFC account is $7230.29. Balance in Projects account is $2685.85.

Membership Report: The membership chairman was not present. The last report of membership was 924.

CTU Rendezvous: RMFC members are solicited to attend the CTU Rendezvous. RMFC financial support for attendees must be defined.

General Discussions:

There were several themes to the discussions. One was the need to form committees to focus on aspects of our efforts. The committees suggested include: Projects, Finances or Fund Raising, and an Education Committee. It was noted that the Gen Y children are interested in computer games and not outdoor activities, potentially resulting in a lack of cold-water conservation supporters in the future. Flow issues on the Poudre River are critical. CTU and NTU are taking notice of this problem. Privatization of river access in Montana is accelerating. Montana laws to deny access to rivers flowing though private property is being proposed.

Ad Hoc Fundraising Committee:

The fundraising committee has six members: Ken Eis, Dave Piske, Greg Evans Chris Sheafor, David Coulson, and Mark Coleman. Fund raising projects cannot be defined until specifics of past, ongoing and proposed projects are prepared. Mark Coleman will lead the effort.

Meeting Raffles:

Bob Herrinton from Jax presented several options for rods for he meeting raffle. It was decided that a name brand rod might improve interest in the raffle. The Board decided to purchase 8 five weight, 4 piece Orvis Streamlight rods from Jax for the raffle. Jax will enhance the raffle experience by defining a policy for exchange or upgrade of the equipment through the store. Rods will be purchased by September 1.


Project opportunities overflow. Eagles Nest plantings will take place April 14. Trail work at Phantom Canyon will take place April 7. Ken Eis is leading the effort to provide Guides for the "River Day Adventures" at Phantom Canyon this year. David Piske and Ken Eis are working with Heather Knight to define the RDA activities and provide necessary support. Phantom Canyon Guide orientations will take place in late April. Details are on our web site, and in communications from Ken Eis.

Talks are underway for an expanded North Fork project. DOW and TNC will be involved. Monitoring of flows in the channels should begin soon to enable measurement of changes resulting from upcoming expansions of both Halligan and Seaman reservoirs. Flow meters below Halligan and in Turkey's Roost above the Halligan flood area are suggested. RMFC financial and volunteer participation are to be defined. A meeting with Ken Kehmeier of DOW about expanded North Fork efforts is scheduled for March

28. Participation by both CTU and NTU in these projects is a possibility. On April 12 Bob Streeter and Mark Coleman will meet at the USGS office with Heather Knight (TNC), John Roach NTU – Colorado Water Project), Tom Isman (TNC), John Sanderson (TNC), Ken Kehmeier (DOW), and others. Bob Streeter and Mark Coleman will lead these efforts for RMFC, and represent both CTU and NTU at these meetings.

RMFC has the opportunity to participate in restoration efforts for Boxelder Creek in the Red Mountain Ranch Open Space area. Greenback recovery for this creek is possible. Bob Streeter is monitoring this opportunity.

Big Thompson Watershed Forum is offering RMFC the opportunity to do something on the Big T. They would like our participation in their annual River day. The date and extent of our participation are to be defined. It is clear that BTWF wants to take the lead in maintenance efforts on the Big T. RMFC should continue their efforts to maintain the Forks SWA. John Frazer will help to reduce the confusion about Big T maintenance Projects.

Rob Buirgy, Executive Director of the "Big Thompson Watershed Forum" will be guest speaker at 10AM Saturday March 24 at Great Western Flyfishing Company in Loveland. The Forum supports the Thompson on three fronts. They monitor the quality and quantity of the river's water, as well as the land use of both the riparian environs and the watershed as a whole. There are many issues facing the Big T River this season and the Forum is an advocate focused on protecting the river. Buirgy will look at the overall health of the river from an insider's perspective and present some ways fly fishers need to get involved in protecting the river.

Restoration of the Fall River through Estes Park is creating water contamination. Estes Park's Alpine Anglers TU Chapter is leading the monitoring effort. RMFC will offer assistance.

The Mariana exchange ditch runs into the Big T just west of the bridge on Wilson Blvd. It is diverting great amounts of sediment into the river. BTWF has been funding study to define the extent and causes of the problem. They have run out of funds to complete this study. RMFC support has been requested.

"Realities for Children" wants to hold a "Take a kid fishing Day". Spin casting equipment and volunteers are needed. Greg Sheets may have equipment from past, similar efforts. Sportsman's Warehouse has been helpful in past events. Dates, times, volunteers, and location are to be determined.

A Restoration effort along the Big T in Loveland is the Project that Greg Sheets is stewarding. RMFC participation is to be defined.

Bob Streeter continues to represent RMFC at SWIG meetings. RMFC continues to withhold endorsement of opposition to Glade reservoir.

Chapter Management:

There is a need to replace Chapter Officers. The Chapter will need a new President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and a Program Director for the General meeting. Interested parties should contact Greg Evans, or a Board Member.

Web Master Report – Paul Wehr

No extended report on the web site this month. I set up majordomo at an announcement system on rockymtnflycasters.org, but it is slightly complex for users and administrators. I'll be looking into another web-based program that is more form/graphic oriented. Otherwise, announcements and mailing lists are still done by hand.

Updates were completed for the front page, Phantom Canyon, Eagle's Nest, and March, April, and May of the calendars. April's general meeting is still rather nebulous. Dave Coulson gave me some great stuff for May. I may create a special page for all the information he gave me.

Work on designing the forum has languished for the past month. An intervening wedding and company interrupted the work. I would be curious about anyone's experience on any other forums--good and bad--so we can start out running a great forum.

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

Last updated on 23 May, 2019