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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters

Board of Directors Meeting - February, 2007

Attendees: Greg Evans, Ron Sheets, David Piske, Paul Fromme, Bob Streeter, Guy Turenne

Meeting was called to order at 7:15 at Cipoletti's Restaurant in Loveland. Reading of January minutes was waived. January minutes were approved.

Treasurer's report: Balance in RMFC account is $7282.54. Balance in Projects account is $2468.85. Receipts from last meeting raffle were $205. Hilton charges for the meeting were $207. The initial collection for the Robert Behnke scholarship fund netted $217. Scholarship collections will continue at General Meetings until May, with a goal of raising $1000.

Membership: Current membership is 924.

President's report:

The fly tying exhibition was well received, and the February General meeting was deemed a success.

The local schools have been notified about the opportunity for a scholarship to the CTU Youth Conservation Camp. Applications and qualifying essays will be collected through the CTU web site. Essays and applications will be forwarded to the Board for candidate selection.

General Business:

Fundraising Committee:

The fundraising committee has six members: Ken Eis, Dave Piske, Greg Evans Chris Sheafor, David Coulson, and Mark Coleman. Efforts are underway to write up past and proposed activities of the Chapter to be used for publicity, and to justify solicitations for funds. Bob Streeter is writing up the Eagles nest activity. The fundraising effort will feature a Banquet in February 2008. A grand raffle was suggested as a part of the fundraising activity. Summaries of Chapter activities may be made available to the newspapers, and Board members who have prepared these summaries should be available for interviews by news reporters.


Proposed activities for the future include renovations to the Big Thompson River passing through the Park in Loveland near Bob's. Greg Sheets and CDOW is involved through Fishing is Fun grants.

In addition, restoration of Greenback habitat in Box Elder Creek is proposed as a part of the Open Space initiative at Red Mountain Ranch.

A proposed Coldwater conservation committee would facilitate management of these and other Chapter initiatives. This committee will identify, scope out, prioritize, plan, implement and coordinate our on the ground conservation projects. The committee will manage volunteer and physical resources. Participants for the committee will be sought at future General meetings.

Eagles Nest planting is now scheduled for April 14. Charlie Gindler, the Park Ranger, may request additional help in March.


Bob Streeter continues to represent RMFC at meetings of SWIG (Sustainable Water Interest Group). The group now exists mainly to communicate among the various members that include Audubon, Sierra, Friends of the Poudre, and Poudre Paddlers. Individual members are pursuing active opposition to the Glade reservoir project promoted by NISP.

Nature Conservancy Partnership:

A redefinition of our partnership with TNC is underway. The new partnership will emphasize the commonalities in the conservation missions of both TU and TNC as they relate to the Phantom Canyon fishery. Fishing and guide opportunities will be balanced with new conservation oriented activities.

Chapter Management:

There is a need to replace Chapter Officers. The Chapter will need a new President, Treasurer, Secretary, and a Program Director for the General meeting. Interested parties should contact Greg Evans, or a Board Member. Paul Fromme will contact Rick Takahashi to solicit suggestions for future program presenters.

Raffle materials:

Orvis was contacted to determine their willingness to provide rods for the raffle at a reduced price. They offered a 40% discount from their catalog price. It was moved, seconded and passed that Paul Fromme negotiate with Jax, our local Orvis dealer.

March meeting:

The General meeting in March will feature Dr. Eric Pettine talking about fishing the North Platte.

River reports:

River reports should be featured with a new icon on the left side of the home page of the web site. Rather than feature a specific report, links to the river report section of local fly shops should be provided. These known links are: http://greatwesternflyfishing.com.phtemp.com/river.php, http://www.anglers-roost.com/report/report.htm, and http://www.stpetes.com/.

Webmaster Report - Paul Wehr

January had a rise in visits to the site, higher than each of the past six months. February is showing stronger than a year ago. With over 6000 requests so far this month, we are holding steady with visitors.

The home page gets most hits, with the current calendar (February 07) getting the next highest volume of hits. It appears that people log into the home page and then check the calendar to see if there are any events. The calendar, as well as the front page, is a good place to put events and one that we particularly need to keep up to date.

The top referring sites--that is sites that send us visitors--this past month are: google, yahoo, msn, stpetes, majestic12 of the UK, Colorado Trout Unlimited with 7 referrals, and national Trout Unlimited with 5 referrals. The web-bots/search engines continue to search our site and make up about one-third of the hits to the site.

The article about the scholarship challenge has been posted to the front page.

* Email signups * We have had some response from the signup page for notices. I will be creating mailing lists with majordomo for the five choices given in our form. These will be administrative announcement-only lists.

* New site and board email addresses * This message comes from RockyMtnFlycasters Dot ORG, to be devoted to email and setting up an interactive forum. The email seems to work okay. I will provide each titled board member with an address.

Board members: Let me know your title and when to start up your email account. One caveat is that when a person changes position, I will change the password for the new person. It is best to keep this email solely for use in your position in RMF.

* New site and forum * Setting up the forum is taking some time.

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

Last updated on 23 May, 2019