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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Board of Directors Meeting - January 16, 2007

Attendees: Greg Evans, Ron Sheets, David Piske, Chris Sheafor, David Coulson, Paul Fromme, John Frazer, Frank Cada, Ken Eis, Chuck Connolly, Mike Frey, Lee Evans Meeting was called to order at 7:10. The meeting was held at Cipoletti's since the Sports Station was unavailable. Positive response to this new location suggests that future meetings may be moved, pending response from Cipoletti's restaurant. Minutes of the November meeting were approved.

Treasurer's report: Balance in RMFC account is 8492.54. Balance in Projects account is $2533.35. Receipts from last meeting raffle were $275. Admission tickets to the Xmas party netted $590. NTU sent $60 for new memberships. Xmas party cost was $649.

Membership: Current membership is 924. Methods for increasing e-mail list were discussed. Possibly the inclusion of a method for registering an e-mail address on the Web site is worth considering. An expenditure of $40 was approved for plastic name-tag holders.

President's report: Greenback recovery efforts have been placed on hold while discrepancies in taxonomy of existing populations are resolved. Funding for this research is not available.

CTU Rendezvous will be held April 13-14 in Redstone. Attendees are sought. Tentatively these will be Ken Eis and Chris Sheafor.

Suggestions for CTU mini-grants were solicited. Bring ideas to next meeting. Habitat enhancement opportunities or ideas were solicited.

Payment for web master is required. Greg and Doc will determine amount based on minutes of summer retreat.

A web site report submitted by Paul Wehr is included as a part of these minutes.

The status of the handout for the Fly Shops, and inclusion of this handout in the Web site was discussed.

Fund raising will depend on the establishment of projects requiring funds. A 2008 banquet has been proposed, and details will be developed.

The quarterly raffle report was submitted.

CSU Scholarship: The members voted unanimously to support a $2000 scholarship to CSU. The funds will be obtained from a membership drive that will seek to match a $1000 challenge grant. Any funds above $2000 will also be applied to the scholarship. It was agreed that the scholarship should be named to reflect the participation of Rocky Mountain Flycasters and to honor Dr. Robert Behnke. The grant will be defined to support Graduate Research in cold-water fisheries. The grant application will encourage research devoted to salmonid species, Colorado, the Front Range, and Greenback recovery. The May General meeting should complete the scholarship fund drive. Appropriate publicity in the Web site and local papers will be sought.

Youth Camp: A motion was presented, seconded and passed to support the annual CTU youth Camp, with Chapter funds of $375. Camp will be held June 10-16 at Peace Ranch. Greg Sheets will be contacted for advice about soliciting participation in an essay contest to determine the participant. Donations of gear will not be solicited.

Programs: The next general meeting will be an exposition of fly tying. Tentative participants include Rick Takahashi, and Vince Wilcox. Other tyers might include Dave Coulson, Don Davis, Greg Sheets, Greg Friedman, Jeff Wagner, or Tim England. Ideas for programs were solicited.

Raffle table: Donations for the raffle table will be solicited. Suggestions to purchase items for the table were discussed, and a decision was deferred until donations have been solicited.

TU movie: A TU fishing movie made by the Trout Bums group will be shown at the Lory student center at CSU at 7:30 on Feb. 15. Admission is $12 at the door. The movie is recommended.

Web site report from Paul Wehr: The web site continues to receive about 2000 page hits each month, no great change over the past few months. By far, the greatest percentage of visitors continues to be search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Excite, and MSNbot. Our site is often visited by people clicking on the search results from these search engines.

We also get visitors directed from Colorado Trout Unlimited, St. Petes, Bobs Flytying, National TU, West Denver TU, Front Range Anglers, and a few generic fly fishing sites. From the web logs, it is impossible to tell when and if our members frequently visit the site. I have only received a few email messages from links on the site.

I continue working on a new color design based on Trout Unlimited's guidelines but before releasing it, I want to work out a backup program for all the RMF files and change the menuing system a bit to reflect more of TU's emphasis on conservation.

I also plan on adding some of the information passed around about water temperatures, but I need to study it a little longer to put together some of the highlights and then link to the more detailed information provided by Mark Coleman and CTU.

Submitted by Paul Fromme, Secretary

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

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