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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters Executive Board Minutes—February 21, 2006

Meeting called to order by President Greg Evans at 7:08, Boston's, Ft. Collins, CO

There were no minutes or Treasurer's reports as Treasurer and Secretary were absent.

President's Report: -Feb. 15 general meeting: About 65 present, many from CYO. Need to evaluate the benefits of the fly tying and gear-swap event to determine if it is worthwhile to the Chapter. -April general meeting will feature Pat Dorsey program; raffle hosted by JAX. -Name tags idea went over well, thanks to Lee Evans and Paul Wehr. -No takers for $50.00 honorarium yet but RMF did pay $35 Vince Wilcox's membership in TU.

-Dates to note: April 1 & 15: Cleanup with TNC at Phantom Canyon. Dave Piske is contact. Need about 10 workers per day; Paul F. suggested contact Phantom Canyon. fishermen if more needed.

April 7-8: CTU Spring Rendezvous at Redstone; Greg, Paul, Ken & Bob plan to attend. RMF has paid part of expenses ($50.00??) in past.

April 22: Tree planting day at Eagle's Nest (see Bob Streeter report under New Business)

??? 18-23: CTU Conservation & Fly -fishing Youth Camp; open to 16 high school students. Need to advertise, select applicants to submit, and be responsible for $350.00 camp cost

-Chapter Effectiveness Index completed for 2005; 2004= 52; 2005 = 60. Some Exec Bd. Members expressed philosophical objections to TU's survey.

-Need to consider possibility of joint fall picnic with fall river cleanup.

-CTU would like Chapters to get involved in River Watch program for N.Z mud snails, water quality sampling, etc.

-Thanks to Chris Sheafor for Chapter meeting postcard; Dave Coulson for Green River cooking; Bob Streeter for managing Eagle's Nest project.

-Thanks to Frank Cada and Dave Coulson for becoming members of new Larimer County Parks Advisory Board: & to Bob Streeter for work on Larimer County Open Lands Board, the South Platte Roundtable & SWIG.

SWIG (Sustainable Water Interest Group): Exec. Bd. Discussed role of RMF/CTU representative on SWIG and reaffirmed that it is a valuable information sharing and strategy development and coordination function but that SWIG will not be authorized to speak for RMF/CTU unless the issue is first vetted through the TU organization. The TU/CTU/RMF organization may then choose to use SWIG information to speak out independently, but coordinated with other SWIG organizations; approve a joint statement, press release, etc.; or choose to refrain on any issue.

Paul Fromme moved, Chris Sheafor 2nd, motion for RMF to continue to participate on SWIG on cold-water conservation issues in northern Colorado and to authorize RMF representative Bob Streeter to carry RMF message to SWIG and to interact as a participant in SWIG within the above framework. Chuck Connelly moved to Table the motion, 2nd by Dell Hart. Motion to Table failed. Original Fromme motion carried.

Bob Streeter moved that RMF contribute $50.00 to help defray the $129.00 cost of the SWIG web information site incurred by current SWIG Chair, Roger Hoffmann. Paul Fromme 2nd. Discussion followed. Motion carried. Paul made out the check for Bob to give to Roger Hoffman, SWIG.

OLD Business

Eagle's Nest Project Report: Bob Streeter reported that the proposal from RMF to the Larimer County Open Lands Small Grant program had received a favorable review and was being recommended by the review committee to receive $1,700. The Open Lands Board will be meeting on Feb. 23 to act on the recommendation. The County will give out the awards in early April at which time a check would be presented to RMF. An order in the amount of $729.60 (out of the $1,000.00 approved by the RMF Exec. Board) for 1,200 bare root trees was submitted to the CSFS. Delivery of the trees will be on April 21 and a planting date has been set for April 22. There are now 29 RMF members who have signed up to work on the Eagle's Nest project.

Long Draw Reservoir Reauthorization Update: Paul Fromme reported that he, Dave Piske and Bob Streeter met with David Nickum of CTU prior to the USFS public meeting on the status of the Long Draw reauthorization process. The USFS provided the historic background on L.D. Reservoir and outlined the status of the current reauthorization process. The Grand Ditch was completed in early 1990's to divert Colorado River water to the Cache la Poudre system through La Poudre Pass Creek. The USFS issued a permanent easement to WSSC in 1929 to operate LDR for 4,400 a/f of storage. The dam was rebuilt in 1974 and was authorized by the USFS special use permit in 1978. The permit expired I 1991 and was extended through January 1974. The USFS made a decision to re-issue the land use decision in July 1994. CTU filed a challenge in Court where a ruling was made in 2004. (Note: this ruling is under appeal.) The USFS then initiated a new EIS process with the NPS as a cooperating Agency. The NPS presented their authorities, concerns and perspectives. The USFS presented several alternative mitigation options/concepts being considered. The RMF representatives were pleased that the USFS was taking the decision of the Court seriously that they had been in noncompliance with the Fed. Land Policy & Mgmt. Act of 1976 and were required to provide for by-pass flows or some other acceptable mitigation in any reauthorization. The RMF reps. also agreed with the WSSC position that providing bypass flows for this particular reservoir were impractical, had safety issues, and questionable cold-water conservation benefits. One of the more interesting alternatives under consideration was an upper-basin wide green-back cutthroat restoration program. RMF and CTU will remain involved in the decision process for this project.

RMF Website: Paul Wehr will take action to control the RMF domain name. He will move the site to a new provider at a 25% cost reduction and with added benefits. The site will be re-engineered but will operate the same for the user. An interactive forum is one of the possible benefits. The current bill for the next year should not be paid as RMF will just let the existing contract run out. Thanks were given to Paul for the good work.


Chris Sheafor will be the new Program Chair

Lee Evans is the new Membership Chair

The next Raffle table will be sponsored by JAX-members are encouraged to bring additional items.

Chuck Connelly proposed that RMF be renamed the Robert J. Benhke Chapter. After discussion, a motion was made (by ???, 2nd by???) to form a committee of 3 members plus RMF President and Vice president to consider appropriate means of recognizing outstanding members and deceased members, including the proposal to rename the Chapter, and report back to the Exec. Committee in 30 days with their recommendations. The motion passed and Chuck Connolly, Bob Streeter and Jack Muth were appointed to the committee.

Chris Sheafor proposed to print and mail a quarterly newsletter to all members. The proposal was tabled until the March 14 Exec. Comm. Meeting. Greg Evans, Paul Wehr and Chris Sheafor will discuss the concept and bring back their ideas to the Committee.

The Board approved a RMF Website solicitation for additional volunteers for the Eagle's Nest project. Bob Streeter will work with Paul Wehr to develop the notice to be posted.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

Last updated on 23 May, 2019