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Youth Day Camp
Youth Day Camp
Youth Day Camp
Youth Day Camp
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$1000+ Cutthroat Donors

Cutthroat Donor Level: Art used with permission of Joseph Tomelleri.

John & Tharon Deakins
In Memory of Linda Jefferies
Odell Brewing Co.

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Carl Kronberg
Dennis Cook
Elkhorn Rod & Reel
Bob Green
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Dr. Dale Rellas
Rocky Mountain Angling Club
St. Pete’s Fly Shop

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Big Thompson Brewery
Jay Burge
Art Campfield
Matthew Doll
Yang Qian & Edward McConnaughey
Lee Evans
Fidelity Charitable
Great Lakes Chiropractic
Zachary Jory
Chris Kruger
Loveland Brewery
Kirk Madsen
Jonathan McHugh
Mark Miller
Dave Morse
Eric Pettine
Rep Your Water
Michael Ringus
Ted Sammond
Sara Bella Fishing
Sportsman's Warehouse
Paul Wehr
Zen Tenkara Flyfishing

$50-$99 Brook Donors

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5030 Local
Jimmy Head
Jay’s Bistro
Linda Jefferies
Phil Keller
Jeannie Weaver

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Rocky Mountain Flycasters, Trout Unlimited

Recognition Procedure Awards For Excellence, Achievement, And Distinction

These annual awards are intended to recognize outstanding individual member and chapter partner achievements. Recognition is to be made known prominently to chapter members and the chapter’s host community. The objective is to help create member enthusiasm and good ideas, and export that enthusiasm throughout the chapter, and to recognize deserving community partner organizations or their representatives that contribute extraordinary support helping Rocky Mountain Flycasters (RMF) to accomplish its Mission objectives. Awards will be presented at RMF’s May Annual Meeting of the membership.

  • Nominations for any award category can be submitted by any member of Rocky Mountain Flycasters. Nominations for awards, with supportive information, must be submitted after January 1 and by January 31 by email to the RMF Secretary.
  • For each nomination, background information specifically supporting the recommended award is necessary to document the nomination. Only one nomination may be included on each submittal; a separate submittal is required for each additional nomination. Nomination written materials will typically be limited to one typewritten page. Photographs of projects, newspaper clippings, sample newsletters, etc. may be useful attachments.
  • Nomination support consideration must be at least 80% for performance during the chapter’s immediately previous January 1-December 31 calendar year. If applicable and necessary some consideration may also cover contributions during the immediate previous calendar year.
  • Intent is to be highly selective to ensure merit of the awards is preserved and not diluted, while also not wanting to fail to recognize occasions when more than one individual may be equally deserving. Thus, it is not required that every category be awarded every year, and there sometimes may be multiple awardees in a category.
  • Award winners will be selected from among nominees by an annually appointed Awards Committee comprised of four members of the combined RMF elective Board of Trustees and Leadership Council, plus the Chapter President.
  • Nominations will be considered in the following Chapter Member Award categories:
    • Exemplary Conservation Volunteer
    • Exemplary Chapter Function, Project or Activity Leadership Award
    • Exemplary Youth Education Award
    • Exemplary Youth Member Award Outstanding Chapter Volunteer Award
  • Nominations will be considered in the following NoCO Outreach Award categories:
    • Exemplary Guide/Outfitter Award
    • Coldwater Resource Conservation Award
  • Awards criteria appear below. These are offered by way of illustration, not limitation—nominees need not match all of the listed criteria.

Previously Presented Awards

Criteria For Rocky Mountain Flycasters Awards

Chapter Member Awards

Exemplary Chapter Function, Project or Activity Leadership Award

This category would demonstrate a willingness on behalf of the chapter to devote chapter resources and encourage volunteer time to create a new project, function or activity, or make major improvements in an existing project, function or activity. This decision typically requires initiative of a member(s) to introduce innovation and creativity that results in a significant positive and lasting impact upon the chapter. Examples might include but not be limited to: conservation, meetings programming, issue advocacy, grant writing, fundraising, fishing programs, fishing buddies, equipment acquisition/maintenance, transportation resources, youth education, communications, mentorship, community outreach, membership, organization partnering, new member orientation, etc.

Exemplary Youth Education Award

This award would recognize a member(s) who demonstrates leadership or key support for a new or an active, ongoing, and innovative program for youth education. Important aspects of such a program would include investment of chapter resources, numbers of youths served, a variety of program to suit different needs, substantial success in financial development for youth projects, successful partnerships with other organizations involved in youth education, and a high level of personal volunteer participation.

Exemplary Youth Member Award

This award would recognize a RMF youth member (through age 18 at time of his/her contribution(s)) who attends meetings with some regularity, participates actively in numerous chapter activities, exemplifies behaviors of responsible outdoors on-river ethics, sets a good example for other youths and/or may have also initiated an exemplary TU Mission project or event for the chapter or elsewhere in the community. S/he may not necessarily have been or be a RMF Youth Day Camp participant or attendee at the Colorado TU state youth camp.

Exemplary Conservation Volunteer Award

This award would recognize a chapter member for demonstrated zeal, energy and commitment to become a full participant in resource conservation in the chapter, and possibly also in related external activities that further the TU Mission. His/hercontributions characteristically have a significant positive impact on the coldwater resource and could typically include such as: traditional advocacy efforts or campaigns on key conservation issues, leadership or key contributions of personal time or resources with a significant “on-the- ground” project(s), instrumental role establishing an external partnership(s), any/all of which set him/her apart from other involved chapter members.

Outstanding Chapter Volunteer Award

This individual award will demonstrate combined overall commitment demonstrating an exceptional dedication to the goals of Rocky Mountain Flycasters Chapter, and possibly also Colorado TU, by the hours of volunteer time committed, the contribution of unique talents promoting efforts of either/both, or a contribution that energizes an innovative idea to create major progress toward key goals of RMF and/or Colorado TU.

NoCO Outreach Awards

The following awards are not restricted to any specific year. They typically would not be made annually, and rather would occur from time to time in recognition of extraordinary contribution at a specific point in time or across an extended period of time.

Exemplary NoCO Guide/Outfitter Award

Guides and outfitters are among our most important and valued partners, serving as riverkeepers for Colorado’s waters—lending their eyes, ears, and voices—as well as supporting Rocky Mountain Flycasters or Colorado TU through participation in programs, events, contributions and assistance with projects. Nominees for this award should be guides or outfitters operating in northern Colorado who have made exceptional contributions in support of Colorado’s rivers and to the work of Rocky Mountain Flycasters and Colorado TU across NoCO.

Coldwater Resource Conservation Award

Nominees would typically be a NoCO-based individual or organization that has made exceptional contributions toward TU Mission-related coldwater conservation through their professional or volunteer efforts. Preference will be given to nominees who have worked through projects and partnerships with Rocky Mountain Flycasters and/or Colorado TU. By way of illustration, nominees may include: non-governmental or governmental natural resources organizations or agencies or their specific leaders, researchers, biologists, regional or district managers or other staff specialists for specific habitat or species contributions; private landowners who host conservation or access projects that advance mission interests; social services organizations, private individuals whose advocacy leadership creates significant positive achievement, elective officials who champion coldwater initiatives that result in milestones; media professionals, authors, photographers, or who contribute exceptional outreach communication and advocacy that builds broad appreciation and support for healthy coldwater resource.

Last updated on 23 May, 2019