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National Fly Fishing Championship

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Rocky Mountain Flycasters is proud to have the National Fly Fishing Championship and Colorado Trout Unlimited select the Northern Colorado area to hold its competition to select members of Fly Fishing Team USA. Team members will represent the United States in an Olympic style event which is held annually. This program is sponsored by Colorado Trout Unlimited and the associated Trout Unlimited Chapters in the State of Colorado.

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Northern Colorado waters will host the annual National Fly Fishing Championship October 4-6, 2008. National contestents and teams from all over the nation will descend on Fort Collins and Loveland to compete for a place on the international fly fishing american team. Contestents will fish the Poudre River, Big Thompson River, Dowdy Resevoir and Parvin Lake.

Sponsored by Colorado Trout Unlimited, the championships hope to bring national interest to coldwater conservation, catch and release ethics, and interest young people in perpetuating the sport and stewardship on fly fishing.

Rocky Mountain Flycasters is actively recruiting area volunteers to help in the competition. Volunteers will measure and witness fish catches, monitor for ethical use of our precious resources and meet a wide variety to crazy, crafty characters. Rocky Mountain Flycasters asks for you to sign up for a little as a half day committment to host our national fishers and show off our Northern Colorado fisheries, grab a friend and sign up soon!

Competition Waters include: Parvin, Dowdy, the Big Thompson, and two sections of the Poudre River. Practice Waters include: Bellaire, West Lake, and river areas adjacent water not in the competion area. Detailed maps are available on the NFFC site.

Participation in the Championships

The National Fly Fishing Championship to be held in Colorado during October of 2007 constitutes the final round of the regional competitions held across the United States.  Fifteen of the competitors will be chosen by the coaching staff of Team USA to represent the United States in an 2008 Olympic style event in New Zealand. This program is sponsored by Colorado Trout Unlimited and the associated Colorado Trout Unlimited chapters in the State of Colorado.

The program includes:

For additional participation information please see the National Fly Fishing Championship general information page, their home page or review the news PDF file.

Volunteering to assist

A large number of volunteers are needed to monitor, document, score, tabulate, supervise, and transport people and/or equipment throughout the competition. Opportunities can be as little as half a day. We are proud that our waters have been deemed appropriate for this competition. As members of Rocky Mountain Flycasters, Colorado Trout Unlimited, and Trout Unlimited, can be proud of our part in the stewardship of our waters. We encourage you to help with this event which will highlight our goals as fly fishers and our concern for cold-water trout fisheries.

There are many way to help. One is to become a sponsor of the National Fly Fishing Championship. See the NFFC sponsor page.

Local volunteers can sign up through the NFFC volunteer pages. Additional volunteer information is included in the general signup sheet in PDF form.