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August 2020
Youth Day Camp
Poudre Headwaters Research
Poudre Headwaters Research
Poudre Headwaters Research
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Poudre River Fest
Poudre River Fest
Poudre River Fest
Poudre River Fest
Poudre River Fest
Poudre River Fest
Sustaining Donors
Aug 15, 19-Aug 15, 20
$1000+ Cutthroat Donors

Cutthroat Donor Level: Art used with permission of Joseph Tomelleri.

John & Tharon Deakins
In Memory of Linda Jefferies
Odell Brewing Co.

$500-$999 Rainbow Donors

Rainbow Trout Donor Level: Art used with permission of Joseph Tomelleri.

Carl Kronberg
Dennis Cook
Elkhorn Rod & Reel
Bob Green
Wil Huett
Dr. Dale Rellas
Rocky Mountain Angling Club
St. Pete’s Fly Shop

$100-$499 Brown Donors

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Big Thompson Brewery
Jay Burge
Art Campfield
Matthew Doll
Lee Evans
Fidelity Charitable
Great Lakes Chiropractic
Zachary Jory
Chris Kruger
Loveland Brewery
Kirk Madsen
Jonathan McHugh
Mark Miller
Dave Morse
Eric Pettine
Rep Your Water
Michael Ringus
Ted Sammond
Sara Bella Fishing
Sportsman's Warehouse
Paul Wehr
Zen Tenkara Flyfishing

$50-$99 Brook Donors

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5030 Local
Jimmy Head
Jay’s Bistro
Linda Jefferies
Phil Keller
Jeannie Weaver

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Rocky Mountain Flycasters and Trout Unlimited

Rocky Mountain Flycasters Announces Video Release describing the Poudre Headwaters Project

Restoring Colorado’s Native Trout
Restoring Colorado’s Native Trout: Greenback Recovery in the Poudre Headwaters
Rocky Mountain Flycasters Chapter of Colorado Trout Unlimited has a longstanding interest in and commitment to the restoration of native trout to a portion of our region’s watersheds. RMF volunteers for many years have cooperated to further the efforts of state and federal agencies in restoring native trout. These efforts have included volunteer field work, fund raising, and communication outreach concerning the needs and methods of native trout restoration.
In recent years, RMF has been involved in native trout restoration efforts in the Cache la Poudre watershed including on George Creek and Cornelius Creek in the North Fork Poudre watershed, and on the headwater tributaries of the Poudre River near Rocky Mountain National Park. Both of these native trout restoration projects are ongoing, and the Poudre Headwaters Project (PHP) is the largest ever Colorado native trout restoration project.
Please see our Poudre Headwaters page for additional information and to view this video.

We Are Only as Good as our Volunteers and We are Great!

Since we just filed our Annual Report with Trout Unlimited (many thanks to Treasurer Ryan Hogan and Secretary Jeannie Weaver), I thought it would be interesting to review just how many hours our volunteers have logged over the past 5.5 years. WOW! Our tireless workers recorded 34,437 hours or 6,261 per year across 6 reporting categories ranging from conservation, to youth, to veterans and other programs. My thanks go out to the approximately 200 volunteers who participated in these efforts. For those of you who would like to enter into our volunteer force, please contact Mickey McGuire and we can get you set up to help out.
distritution of volunteer hours

Rocky Mountain Flycasters Opportunities

Each year RMF holds elections for our Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for the operation of our Trout Unlimited chapter and determines which critical projects we undertake to fulfil our mission to conserve, protect and restore our fisheries and watersheds.
In preparation for our elections in mid-November, we are soliciting nominations for the following positions:
Vice President
3 Directors at Large
For more details, see below.
Our Leadership Council can also use chairs and volunteers in the following areas:
Member Services ident
Education (Youth & Adult)
Financial Development
Leadership Development & Nominations

Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) Field Work

Chris Kennedy with RMNP brown trout
Chris Kennedy at work
What were once pleasures became habits. What were once habits became traditions. Some traditions should always continue.
Please join with US Fish and Wildlife Biologist Chris Kennedy, and volunteers from throughout the area, as Chris once again embarks on his season long efforts in Rocky Mountain National Park.
The 2020 field season in RMNP has started and Chis Kennedy could use some volunteers. Work projects/research will be going on all summer long so there is ample opportunity to take part in fun and informative studies. See the work schedule to see where you might be able to assist this summer. Due to Covid-19, entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park is limited. Chris Kennedy has established a specific entrance protocol that allows special entry for his volunteers. If you plan to volunteer, you must first read Chris Kennedy's narrative. Note: CDC precautions will be in force.

Chapter Leadership
Eight Satisfying and Exciting Opportunities

The recent Bylaws changes updated the structure of our functional committees and the Chapter Leadership Council. Six Chapter Committee Chairpersons now make up RMF’s Leadership Council reporting directly to the Board of Directors.

Each chairperson provides guidance and oversees planning by multiple Coordinators who are each responsible for management of related programs and activities. The Chairperson provides the Board with a monthly report, and attends the monthly meeting of the combined Board & Chapter Leadership Council.

Communications Conservation
Member Services Financial Development
Education (Youth & Adult) Leadership Development & Nominations

See our volunteer page for more details about the openings in our leadership.

Elective Positions: Chapter Board of Directors

Your Rocky Mountain Flycasters Chapter Board of Directors is accepting candidates for the following chapter leadership elective positions for the upcoming 2021 calendar year.

President - 1 year term; maximum of three consecutively
Vice President - 1 year term; unlimited number of consecutive terms
Treasurer - 1 year term; maximum of three consecutively
Secretary - 1 year term; unlimited number of consecutive terms
Director At Large(A) - 2 year term (staggered); unlimited number of consecutive terms
Director At Large(B) - 2 year term (staggered); unlimited number of consecutive terms
Director At Large(C) - 1 year term (staggered); unlimited number of consecutive terms

**Our current President’s term maximum will have ended, and we must elect a new President.
**The Vice President has had to decline moving into the Presidency at this time because of job related obligations, and this position is open for nominees or the incumbent can be re-nominated.
**The Treasurer position is open for nominees or the incumbent can be re-nominated.
**The Secretary position is open for nominees or the incumbent can be re-nominated.
**All Director At Large positions are open for nominees, or the incumbents can be re-nominated.

Chapter members who want more information about any of the positions, or who may be interested to be considered for or who want to recommend the name of a prospect any of the positions, please contact one of the Nominations Committee members listed below. All conversations will be handled with confidentiality.
Dennis Cook ph: 970-372-9229 or Email
Wil Huett ph: 970-222-5336 or Email

    Schedule for leadership succession:
  • Nominations slate will be approved by the Board of Directors and published on the chapter website about November 1st.
  • New Chapter Board Members will be elected at our Annual Business Meeting November 18th.
  • Elected officials will participate in an orientation and transitional overlap with current incumbents, and officially take office effective January 1, 2021.

Colorado Greenback Cutthroat
Collecting eggs

Greenback Cutthroat Trout Spawning

In the restoration efforts to bring back the Colorado State Fish, Colorado Parks and Wildlife with the help of volunteers are working to assist with spawning efforts. Read the story in the August 2017 issue of The Flypaper available on our web site.

Shirt Model
Mickey models a shirt
RMF now has logo shirts

Rocky Mountain Flycasters is now offering special order fishing shirts from Columbia. Both men’s and women’s styles are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns.
Get the order form, make your choices and submit your order to get a special discount price on these functional, attractive shirts.

New Order of Hats!

We got in a new order of RMF Logo Hats recently. New colors and new pricing. Hats are now priced 25% lower than before. Show your pride in the work of Trout Unlimited and Rocky Mountain Flycasters. Get your hat(s) from our merchandise page and wear it with dignity.

What is noteable and quotable? See the brand new Quotes and Notes on the calendar page. Perhaps something you’ve written or said is included. There is a new one for every day of the year.


Trout Unlimited has been notified that a company called Platinum Publishing sent out renewal invoices for TROUT magazine for $79.95 to some of our members. Please be advised that this is a SCAM and did not originate from TU’s offices. Please do not respond to these invoices, but rest assured tu.org and our Woolly Bugger, WV, post office box are fully operational, secure and ready to process dues and gifts. Pass this message along to the volunteers in your chapter.


Recently posted

  • RMF has teamed up with the volunteer management system (VMS) company Volgistics to better manage the many opportunities we have to volunteer doing restoration, rehabilitation, and sustaining our cold water preservation mission. Connect with our VMS system on our newly designed Volunteer page.
  • Small can be beautiful. Read Mark Miller’s story Fishing the Headwaters of the Big Thompson River.
  • You can now download our calendar in digital format. See the new Calendar page. You can also download individual fishing events from our Let’s Go Fishing page.
  • What is noteable and quotable? See the brand new Quotes and Notes on the calendar page. Perhaps something you’ve written or said is included.
  • RMF fishing story from Marc McKenzie - Classical Music and Fly Fishing in Aspen.

Upcoming Events

Are you a Sustaining Donor? Sustaining Donors are members of Trout Unlimited (TU), non-members, and businesses who recognize that without this kind of community support our Chapter can not adequately protect, conserve, and restore Colorado’s cold-water fisheries and their watersheds. Sustaining Donors are recognized at various levels. Contributions are greatly appreciated and we acknowledge sustaining donors in multiple ways. Find out more.

Flypaper cover

The Flypaper newsletter

The August 2020 issue of The Flypaper newsletter is available on our website. You can sign up to receive it online by using our signup form or by sending a message to our Flypaper editor. You can also download a pdf version of the newsletter from the newsletter page. Inside this issue:
August 2020: The Flypaper Newsletter 4.7 MB PDF file
  • From Mickey McGuire, President
  • Dennis Cook: Leadership and Development
  • COVID-19 Cancellations
  • Phil Wright, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Brookies Bash from Dennis Cook
  • Let's Go Fishing
  • Community Outreach
  • Vince Herrera: St. Peter's Fishing Report
  • Online Fly Fishing Library
  • Donate and/or Buy
  • Sustaining Donors

What else? Want to find out more about what Rocky Mountain Flycasters does in our area? Take a look at the About Us page and download the brochure we prepared.

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Rocky Mountain Flycasters’ Exclusives

Stop cross-water contamination! Newly Revised!

Whirling disease. Dydimo. New Zealand Mud Snails. Chytrid fungus. These are very real threats to our waters. If you follow some very simple, inexpensive procedures, you can help curb the spread of these diseases. See Common Sense Disinfection Procedure by Phil Wright.

Inexpensive Wading staff

Are you as "sure footed" as you would like to be? Are you ready for the spring run-off? The raging spring torrents can quicky take your feet from under you. It could be that you might need a wading stick. Here’s how to build one out of inexpensive/used materials. Phil Wright put together this helpful HOW-TO (pdf 412 KB) so you can have your own hand-crafted wading stick.

Current Issues

Rock Snot

Is didymo invading your favorite stream? Read Phil Wright’s article about decontamination.

For water conditions in our area, please check U.S. Geological Survey’s Real-time water data.
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