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Cache La Poudre River Basin Angling Guide

The RMF Chapter of Trout Unlimited created this map to encourage the exploration of the wonderful natural resource known as the Cache La Poudre River Basin and to experience first hand the benefit of preserving, protecting, and enhancing our cold water resources. The map includes safety information, stream flow, water temperature, regulations, angling methods, streamside ethics, fish species, hatch charts and as you would expect, a detailed map of the Cache La Poudre River. Map illustrations were graciously donated by Rick Takahashi. You will be circling and adding mile markers to your favorite fishing spots in no time.
Poudre River Basin Map

RMF Poudre River Map

Price: $6.00 Includes shipping.

TU-RMF Iron-on Patch

Show your pride in your membership with this handsome 4 x 2" patch on your fishing vest, shirt, or jacket.
Price: $2.50 Includes shipping

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