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July 2017
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  • July 12: Board Meeting at 7:00 PM. Members are welcome to attend any board meeting. Check with a Board Member for the meeting location and/or agenda.
  • July 15: Rocky Mountain Flycasters fishing the Upper Cache la Poudre
    The Poudre River is a marvelous river any time. Take this opportunity to join a group headed to the upper Poudre with host Cameren Shinabery.
  • July 15: Trout Unlimited Celebrates Its 58th Anniversary On this day in 1959, TU was founded by George Griffith and 14 other anglers to help preserve, protect, and restore trout streams in America. Trout Unlimited has more about these historical events.
  • July 31: RMF Youth Fly Fishing & River Conservation Day Camp
    2016 Camp Group at the Rearing Center
    2016 Camp
    This summer we will sponsor our 8th Annual non-resident camp, running from July 31 through August 5, 2017. Our Youth Outreach Camp is an intense six day program for fifteen students to learn about resource conservation and about fly fishing. It is also a great opportunity to volunteer to ensure that the next generation continues to care for the cold water resources as we do. Application process begins early March 2017. See the 2017 Camp page.

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Note of the Day:

“My biggest worry is that my wife (when I”m dead) will sell my fishing gear for what I said I paid for it.” —Koos Brandt

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