Dave Coulson tying carp flies
RMF member Dave Coulson works on his carp flies. Hey, they are fish and these are flies! See May 07 or Carpe Carpum.
2009 Phil Wright
January 2010
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Note of the Day:

In the last pool of Ettrick, the water flowed by a steep bank, and, if you cast almost on to the further side, you were perfectly safe to get fish, even when the river was very low. The flies used, three on a cast, were small and dusky, hare’s ear and woodcock wing, black palmers, or, as Stoddart sings,
Wee dour looking hulks are the thing,
Mouse body and laverock wing.
Lang, Andrew, 1895, A Border Boyhood from Angling Sketches, (Longmans, Green, and Co.,—eBooks version #2022).

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