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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters Board Minutes

President Jeffries called meeting to order 7:06 pm. In Attendance: Dick Jeffries, Dennis Cook, Tom Culbertson, Cullen Emsing, Lee Evans, Brad Kiehne, Jerry Pelis, Bill Perrill, David Piske, Bob Streeter, Paul Wehr.

  1. Committee Business

    1. Add verbal youth report.
    2. Pres. Reported new Coalition Exec. Dir. Jen Kovecses, formerly with WRV. Anniversary Party will be at O’Dells, Apr. 21, in lieu of Apr. 16 monthly meeting. No charge, 1st 2 brews gratis.
    3. Jan. meeting minutes approved.
    4. Consent Agenda approved.
    5. Youth Report: TIC: fish growing, early April release at Swift Ponds and Lions Park. No faculty yet for B&C Club fishing class.
  2. Old Business

    1. Strategic Planning: Dick is looking for facilitator prior to setting date. Dennis will check with CTU for facilitator possibilities.
    2. Fly Tying Expo. Brad: Donations are coming in. “Mainline” is donating sourdough bread bowls with chicken and gumbo; RMF provides salad & drinks. Various coordination discussion followed.
    3. Bob S. asked for Award Committee members to review the nominations. Committee is Bob S, Dick, Cullen, Lee, and Bob G. Meeting will be held before Mar 1.
  3. New Business

    1. Chapter proposed to serve as CPRW Fiscal Agent. Need MOU between parties. Bill moved & Lee seconded motion to approve, pending MOU completion and related details. Motion carried with 5 votes.
    2. Bill P. discussed Project Healing Waters fly tying class started at St. Pete’s-Harmony. It has been poorly organized, with Bill picking up the pieces. Requested RMF help & members volunteered.
    3. RMF asked to sign on to climate change letter to the POTUS. Approved.
    4. State Water Plan: Dave P. drafted comments on the South Platte Basin Implementation Plan and asked for review. He will submit for South Platte but we will not comment on N. Platte Basin Implementation Plan at this time. RMF role in the North Platte should be a discussion as part of strategic planning process.
    5. Feb. 2014 issue Field & Stream recognized Lee Evans as conservationist for the month. Lee will donate the $500 award to RMF.

Adjorned 9:00 pm

submitted by Bob Streeter,
Secretary, Rocky Mountain Flycasters

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

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