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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters Board Minutes

Pres. Jefferies called called meeting to order at 7:10 pm at Pappy’s Pub. In attendance: Linda Jefferies, Lee Evans, Cullen Emsing, Gil Coleman, Dennis Cook, Bob Green, Dave Piske, Tom Culbertson, Dick Jefferies, Phil Wright, Wil Huett, Paul Wehr, and Bob Streeter.

  1. Committee Business
    • Presidents Comments: Dick commented briefly about CTU Front Range flood response meeting. How CTU/RMF might assist is still unclear as response planning is in flux at this time. CTU is heavily involved in the discussions. CTU has a paid lobbyist—some members might want to become involved in state legislative issues. Dick will bring ideas to Nov. board. A state legislative committee is being formed.
    • Added agenda items: “Coloradoan Causes” & Holiday party.
    • Approved September minutes with clarification that Bob S. offered to serve on Awards Committee. Bob subsequently agreed to chair the committee; Dick noted that other committee chairs will be expected to funnel suggestions for possible awardees.
    • No calendar updates
    • Consent Agenda approved, with Youth Report amended to note Youth Day Camp dates of July 28-August 2, 2014.
  2. Old Business
    • All officer PD’s and Youth and Conservation Chair PD’s will be sent out on 10-10. Review and return to Bill and Dennis for Nov. Bd. presentation.
    • The 30th Anniversary Celebration will be in conjunction with the April general meeting. Ken Kehmeier is booked as speaker. O’dells tasting room is possible local. Bd. liked that idea & Dick will try to confirm (Sr. Center reservation and cost will be canceled.) Several ideas about theme, target audience, etc. were discussed. A community-oriented affair was favored. Ad hoc planning committee of Dick J., Lee E. (historian perspective), Will H., & Gil C. established. The role of CTU, TU & CSU Student Club need to be considered.
  3. New Business
    • Tom C. presented proposed FY2013-2014 budget and called for input on several line items. Extensive discussions ensued with many of the line items filled in and remaining information needs requested of committee chairs. Need to add line item for 30th anniversary.
    • Membership chair Linda Jefferies will be lead on November general meeting Guest Night when Ed Engle will be speaker; trying to get St. Peter’s fly-tiers lined up by next week. Announcement flier is nearly complete. Dennis C. & Paul W. will distribute in FC and Cullen E. & Tom C. will distribute in Loveland. Every current member should be encouraged to bring at least one guest (How will members be notified?). A table is needed for Youth Day Camp & maybe one for WRO, who will be asked to advertise Guest Night to its email list. A logistics plan needs to be completed with all the details spelled out.
    • Flood Update skipped due to late time?
  4. Added Agenda Items:
    • Membership is not at 1,000, up from 898. Email addresses for all members is being worked on.
    • Will H. noted that in the “Coloradoan Causes Giving Campaign” in 2012, 48 organizations were featured. A kickoff event will be held at CSU on Nov. 7, 5:30 pm. Details will be provided later. An On-line voting will be on Nov. 3. The top 3 will be featured for the public to to send $$ contributions. RMF will send an “e-mail Blast” to encourage members to vote for RMF.
    • The annual Holiday Party will be on Friday, Dec. 13, at C. B. & Potts, W. Elizabeth.

Next Board Meeting: Nov. 13

Next General Meeting October 16

Meeting adjourned at ?? pm

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

Last updated on 25 Jul, 2013