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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
September 12, 2012

The meeting was called to order by President Dick Jefferies. Also in attendance were Cullen Emsing, Bob Streeter, Dave Piske, Paul Wehr, Wil Huett, Adam Omernick, Phil Wright, Sean Cronin, Lee Evans, and Dennis Cook. Lee agreed to be interim secretary since Charles Plunkett was relocated to Texas by his company. A new secretary needs to be appointed by the board.

Dick reported that we now have a new Newsletter Editor who is Jim Merriott from Greeley. All in attendance were stoked to hear this news!

The agenda was discussed and the Youth report was pulled for further discussion. Additions to the agenda included a report on the Behnke scholarship and grants available to High Park Fire causes.

Minutes of August meeting were approved. There is no membership report.

The Youth Report consisted primarily of discussion of this year's youth camp. It was generally felt that this year's camp was hugely successful. Each camper got a fully loaded TFO rod from the chapter, which is possible because of the generous education package of TFO. Other topics discussed included: journals and camper participation, presenters and a future request for handouts, travel time which took time from class or on the water, perhaps a need to break up indoor sessions or limit presentations to 45 minutes, improving quality of the journals entries, review the organization of the binders given to the campers, and noting the much improved entomology lesson. Dennis felt we would need $1500 to $2000 more for next year's camp because of lower funds donations this year, and especially so we can continue to offer rods to all participants. We discussed marketing strategies and the need for more volunteers in some activities.

Dennis moved that the camp next year be July 29 - August 3, 2013. The motion was seconded and passed.

In old business, Dick reported that Elkhorn Rod and Reel of Loveland will be our rod sponsor for this year. For $849, Elkhorn supplied 7 rods, a reel, and items for the Expo. Brian Chavet of Elkhorn will speak about his rods at the first meeting and have some rods available for casting practice.

Our speaker at the September meeting will be our own Dave Coulson, talking about fishing local still waters. Connor Murphy, of St. Peter's Flyshop will be our guest tier.

Dick presented the High Park Restoration Coalition partnership agreement and discussed our committment to it. We will primarily be involved with education and community outreach at this time. He talked about the financial structure and other aspects of the agreement. A motion to approve the agreement was made, seconded and passed. Dick will sign it and send it to the coalition.

A discussion of methods of recruiting volunteers for specific needs resulted in the feeling that this was a topic for a future agenda.

Trees, Water, and People offered to write a grant for us for money from the Intermountain West Funders Network. It needed to be finished in a short amount of time and raised many questions about accountability, reporting, use of money, application procedure, etc. Dick said this was really a FYI so we would know of funding possibilities.

Moving to new business, we discussed the development of a budget for the next fiscal year. Paul led the discussion and each line item generated more discussion. More discussion followed. And, as expected, even more discussion was generated. Finally, we all felt Paul had enough input to produce a budget draft for approval at the next board meeting.

Dennis moved we transfer $2000 from leftover general fund into the specific line item Conservation Fund. The motion was seconded and passed.

We then had more discussion of the conservation fund and the budget format. What if (don't even think about it!) Paul leaves the position. Will a new treasurer be able to take over? Do we need a generic, off-the-shelf budget template? Would it be easier to use and to understand? Would it make reporting to National TU more difficult? Much more discussion: Yikes, it is 10:15 pm!

We were all reminded to get our volunteer hours in writing using Paul's template. We will need them next month for the annual report.

Who recognizes volunteers? Enough! Meeting adjourned at 10:20!

Respectfully submitted,
Lee Evans
Interim Secretary

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

Last updated on 25 Jul, 2013