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Rocky Mountain Flycasters - Board Meetings

Rocky Mountain Flycasters

Board of Directors Meeting - November 14, 2006

Attendees: Greg Evans, Ron Sheets, David Piske, Chris Sheafor, David Coulson, Mark Coleman, Paul Fromme, John Frazer, Frank Cada, Ken Eis, Jeremiah Johnson

Meeting was called to order at 7:07. The Sports Station is the new home for our Board meetings

Elections: The following people were elected as officers of Rocky Mountain Flycasters for the period November 2006 to November 2007. President - Greg Evans Vice President - Ken Eis Treasurer - Ron Sheets Secretary - Paul Fromme

Treasurer's report: Balance in RMFC account is 8496.54. Balance in Projects account is 2784,85. Map receipts for the month were $36. Receipts from last meeting raffle $250

President's report: Thanks to Dave Coulson for his management of the raffle table. Please submit suggestions for an Embrace a Stream project for our Chapter. Checks are required to reimburse the Web Master. Ken Eis will communicate with Paul Wehr to include stream flow data in an easier to find manner. The proposed task to transfer fish from an irrigation canal awaits approval by DOW.

Programs: We need to develop a last minute speakers list. Mark Coleman volunteered to develop a program or programs for this purpose. Chris Sheafor will plan the February meeting and present proposals at the next Board meeting. It was suggested that local retailers could prepare and present hatch charts with recommended flies at meetings.

Christmas Party Logistics were completed. Ken Eis will prepare a notification of the menu and program for inclusion in the Web site.

Use of the e-mail list: It was agreed to use the e-mail list as frequently as once each month to publicize important events. One of these events is the upcoming Rocky Mountain Wilderness bill. The Christmas party will be included as a part of this notification by referring to the Web site.

CSU Scholarship: Many TU Chapters support scholarships at nearby Universities. Mark Coleman suggested that this activity was appropriate for our chapter. It was agreed that the use of existing organizations such as the Gregory L. Bonham Memorial Scholarship or CSU is needed to administer and select appropriate students. While it was agreed that this is an appropriate Chapter activity, fundraising activities must accompany or precede the scholarship grant. Final decision on scholarship grants was tabled pending resolution of fund raising issues.

Youth Camp: A motion was presented, seconded and passed to support the annual CTU youth Camp. One of the raffle rods might be used for this purpose. Ken Eis has an appropriate reel and line. Plans for advertisement of the opportunity need to be addressed immediately. School counselors must be contacted, and Greg Evans agreed to undertake this task.

Fund raising Committee: A fund raising committee was established. The committee will meet to identify fund raising opportunities and suggest an event or events for this purpose. Members of the committee will include Ken Eis, Greg Evans, Dave Coulson. Mark Coleman, and David Piske.

Paul Fromme, Secretary November 16, 2006

[Additional clarification/information submitted by Mark Coleman, 17 Nov 2006] Gregory (Greg) L. Bonham Memorial Scholarship. . .fund was started in Greg Bonham's Memory. Greg Bonham a local contractor and son of a CSU Professor who lost his life in an automobile accident. He was an avid flyfisherman, who loved the Big Thompson River, which is why the family chose to sponsor a Fisheries Scholarship to honor his memory. I met his spouse, sisters, and parents at the awards ceremony when I received the scholarship during 2004. They are a great family that is very close, and I believe the chapter's contribution to their scholarship fund an excellent choice to help them do something worthwhile to honor their son/brother. I spell out the details, because some of the current board members were unaware of this previous donation, which I think was a worthwhile one that the Chapter should be proud of.

Previous Meetings

Previous meeting reports will be here as they are superceded by newer reports.

Last updated on 25 Jul, 2013